Review: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

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So after using my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Ethereal Glow (Cool Pink) for 3 days in a row now, I figured I would do a review on it…I mean it doesn’t take me very long to decide if I like something or not so 3 days will suffice. This seemed to me like it was one of those products that was really hyped up like all the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. But, just like all the Naked Palettes, I think this product was hyped up for a good reason!


First of all, can we talk about this packaging? I don’t think I’ve ever owned something where the packaging was actually so nice. I like urban decay and nars packaging a lot too but this product just feels and looks so luxurious #beingoverlydramatic. It was really hard to get a good picture of the packaging because it is basically a bronzed mirror, but I think you can get the gist of it from this photo. The packaging also seems great for travelling; it closes well and stays closed and its also a really great size (not nearly as large as the ambient lighting powders by hourglass).

Next, lets talk about the actual product inside. I didn’t even want to use it it looked so pretty (again… #beingoverlydramatic) but you think so too, right?! This blush has instantly turned into my favourite blush that I own. Yes, I said it. I like this blush a lot more than Nars Orgasm. Now, that could just be my preferation on my particular skin tone, but this blush looks so natural. It is definitely the highlight colour mixed in with the pale pink that makes it a lot more natural looking. This blush is SO pigmented, it has great colour payoff and it has a really smooth feel to it.

I cannot think of any cons to say about this blush because it is mostly about what you prefer. If there was one thing I was told to watch out with this blush, its to make sure that there is a good amount of colour mixed in with the white highlight rather than a huge amount of white highlight in the blush. I wish mine had a little bit more pink in it, but it works for me. The blush also comes in many other colours which I will show below. Each blush is amazing and I wish I could own them all (but I never will because they are priced at $41 each at Sephora and it is very likely this will be the only one I ever end up owning).

These are the other colours available and you can check them out at or for prices and names!


Verdict: I would absolutely recommend this blush to anyone and everyone who is willing to splurge on a great blush!

Hope you guys enjoyed this review! Let me know in the comments below if you are going to give any of these a try, if you have any of these, and which one is your favourite! Have an awesome sunday and a great rest of the week!

Xo Ali Grace

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