Happy Easter! ✿

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Happy Easter Weekend Everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day, whether you celebrate Easter or not. In my family we celebrate easter every year by coming together and eating lots of food (basically every holiday…am I right?). However, sometimes life gets in the way and not everyone can gather together as a family. My siblings don’t live as close as I do to my parents, so it’s harder for them to make it here for every single holiday, including christmas! But what’s important is that we all keep in contact on those special days when we’re meant to be together.

Things I love doing on Easter: 

Waking up earlier than usual is a pretty common thing for me to do on holidays or holiday weekends. This year I can’t really say I woke up early because I was up around 10:30, but I still got to have my eggs and smoothie (good breakfasts come with the holidays) and that’s all that mattered. Also…waking up early to any easter treats is pretty fun too! I remember being little and having easter egg hunts (those were the best!), but we had to stop having them because we were nervous our dog would find all the treats laying around, but alas, it was super fun while it lasted!


Going outside a few times is another one of my favourite things to do. Whether it’s going for a walk with my family, or just sitting outside with them, it’s really nice to be able to soak up that spring sunshine (which was actually present today!! Today my family and I went down to the sailing club we are part of with our dog, he went swimming (photo below) , we chatted with family friends and we all just soaked up that spring sunshine!


Spending time with family is definitely the most important part of my easter weekend, or any holiday for that matter! It’s unfortunate that I have exams starting tomorrow so I did have to spend a lot of my time up in my room studying. But today I decided to leave the studying until after dinner and I spent my day with my parents (missing my brothers and sister of course!)

Eating lots of good food is of course my second favourite part of the holiday’s (you know, after spending time with family). Tonight my parent’s and I are having some turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and veggies! Which is obviously a holiday classic (which I’m thankful for because I personally think turkey is the best thing ever)


So I hope everyone has having an amazing easter weekend, even if you don’t celebrate it, enjoy your long weekend! Spend time with your family or friends and keep in contact with those who are not able to be with you during the holiday’s. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite things to do on Easter weekend/day are or any other holiday traditions you may have!

Xo Ali Grace 

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