Q&A with Ellie Kate Lowe AKA. She’s Gone Lala

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Q&A Series
Hello Beautiful People!

As a part of my interview series, I asked Ellie Lowe from the blog She’s Gone Lala to answer some questions. The point of this series is to not only talk to beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers, but to also see what else is out there in the blogging world. Asking Ellie a few questions gave me the chance to do so.


Can you introduce yourself, tell us where you’re based from, and tell us the name of your blog?
Hello! My names Ellie, I’m a twenty year old blonde chick living in Sydney, Australia and my blog is called She’s Gone Lala.

How would you describe your blog?
Basically you get to look through a little window into my world. My opinions, my travels, my fiancé, my love for The Lord, my frustrations, DIY’s, arts and crafts and general ‘real talk’ can be found on my blog.


What is one thing that makes your blog unique from others?
I steer clear of blogging about fashion and style, I figured there’s enough of that in cyber space to keep people happy. I keep it simple, relatable. I try to write as though I’m having a conversation with a close friend.

Not just on your blog, but also in life in general, what or who inspires you?
Getting outdoors into nature. Sitting by the ocean or amongst flowers and towering trees inspires me the most. Anything not man-made.


It’s clear through your Instagram photos and your blog that you LOVE to travel. Can you name the top 5 places you’ve traveled so far?
I like this question! And you’re right, I LOVE it. Top five would have to be Switzerland, New Zealand, the Greek Islands, Italy and Seattle WA.

Who is your biggest role model?
As a Christian, the one I look to everyday in absolute awe is Jesus Christ.

What do you have planned in your future for yourself and your blog?
I plan to marry my best friend later this year and then travel the world with him, documenting our adventures along the way. But we want to do some “mission travels” as well, as in third world countries. And raise awareness for the people and places our first world would rather pretend don’t exist.


What music are you currently loving?
Ben Howard is the love of my music life.

Coffee or tea?
I drink tea at home, and coffee when I’m out.

Do you have any advice for those who are interested in starting a blog but may be too scared to express their thoughts and opinions on the internet?
Yes! Write for yourself! My blog started up when I was extremely lonely while living in England in 2013 and it brought a sense of purpose, whether anyone was reading it or not, it helped me express myself. That’s the most important thing.


I’d like to thank Ellie for taking the time to answer a few of my questions about herself and about blogging. She has a really great blog with some really amazing thoughts, ideas and photos that I think you ALL should check out! Check out Eliie’s Blog HERE. I guarantee you’ll love all her posts and what she has to say! Also, if you haven’t checked out Ellie’s Instagram, it’s a must. The reason I knew about her in the first place was through Instagram where she shares AMAZING photos of her life and her travels.

I hope you are all enjoying this series so far. I have TONS more bloggers to interview and I’m excited to share all their answers with you! I hope you all have an amazing rest of the week!

Ali Grace xo 
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