Review: Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit

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As a person who paints their nails a lot, when I saw you could do gel nails at home yourself I thought, bless. Seriously. I thought it was going to be so nice being able to do gel nails at home and not having them chip for at least a week or two. That’s why the other day I picked up the Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit (It was on sale for a boat load less by the way).



I was a little skeptical of picking this up because I know their colour selection isn’t that great. From what I saw, they actually only had about 6 colours to choose from and none of them were very neutral. But because this was way cheaper than the Sally Hansen one, which by the way, has a way better colour selection, I chose this one.

When I used the product it was extremely simple to use, just as the box says (see photo below). The starter kit comes with a cleanser, the mini LED lamp, a gel polish, a plug, a mini file and some lint free pads for the cleanser. It only took me about 30 second per nail and the gel drys instantly, which is definitely a plus! No one really likes waiting for nail polish to dry.


For the first few days I thought my nails looked great. So I thought, hey, maybe this was really worth the price! The second day of painting them it was time to move out of my residence from school so I was doing a lot of packing, lifting, moving, etc (you know how moving goes). I was impressed to see that after all of this my nails looked good as new! From my experience, most of my nail polishes would have chipped after that move, even just a little bit.


The photo above is from the third day of wearing the gel nails. However, by the end of the day, literally half of the gel nails completely fell off. The nail polish actually all started coming off in one piece. I was disappointed by this because I know I followed all the instructions correctly and they were working out for the first couple of days.

Verdict: At first this product was worth the price and I would have recommended it. But by the third day of wearing the gel nail polish, the polish was literally coming off nail by nail. Therefore, I think I’m just going to stick to my regular nail polish which, yes, chips sometimes, but doesn’t completely fall off after 3 days.

I’m sorry for these depressing reviews lately, but I don’t want anyone to waste their money on products that don’t work. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried this product and its actually just me that it didn’t work for! Have an amazing weekend everyone!

Xo Ali Grace

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