Room Tour: Making a Space your Own

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So I recently finished my first year at Uni and had to move out of my residence. I decided at some point in the middle of the school year to try something different and live in the city for the summer, rather than living at home in my small town. Although I knew I’d miss my mom and step dad, I realized trying something new may be good for me! With the things I had, I made my new room as “homey” as possible and I thought I would share a few photos of how I have the room set up so far! I’m only here for four months so I didn’t go too over board, but I love what it looks like already!



I personally think that the most important step to making any room feel like home, including my dorm room in res, is taking a few things from home like photos and posters or stuffed animals and adding them to your room. For this room, I brought my dog stuffed animal (don’t laugh okay, I’ve had this thing since I was like 7 and it goes to every room with me), my photos and my favourite poster.


My favourite thing about the room is definitely my window because this makes it way more likely that my plants will actually live, unlike the plants I killed in res because I didn’t have a real window sill to sit them on. I also like the window because it adds to much light to my room, which is my favourite thing in homes and rooms.



My small gallery wall is another part of my room I absolutely love. It just allows me to add a few cool photos to my room and make it more my own. If you haven’t seen my DIY post on how to make a gallery wall, check it out!


My desk usually has a mirror behind the computer leaning against the wall, but I took it out for this picture because the light was reflecting off of it and the photo wasn’t working out – not that anyone cares…but it looks pretty bland without it!

I hope you all enjoyed this quick little “room tour”. I think it’s extremely important to make any where you live, no matter how long you live there for, feel like home. Add some things that are your own and decorate it as much as you’re allowed to because you’ll feel a lot better about living there and you’ll likely not get as homesick! (definitely a big part of living in residence).

Have an amazing Sunday everyone! If you haven’t seen my last post, I did a Q&A with a Fashion, Lifestyle, Inspiration and photography blogger from the Dominican Republic! So check it out!

Xo Ali Grace

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