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Following in the footsteps of Essie Button, I thought I would do a “brand focus” post. Brand focus means exactly what it sounds like – I choose one brand I love and talk about it and a few products from it in a post. Today I decided to talk about my favourite nail polish brand which is Essie. I am in fact a huge nail polish hoarder (not proud to say), and I’ve tried many different nail polish brands and overall I’d say Essie is my favourite brand. I find their polishes don’t chip as fast, the colour that’s in the bottle will be the colour that shows up on your nails (some nail polishes I find don’t end up the same colour as they look in the bottle), and they dry super fast! I’ve also always been a huge fan of their colour selection, particularly their sparkly nail polishes (I don’t usually like them that much).

Top 5 Essie Nail Polishes


Fondola Gondola
I just recently bought this nail polish, and if you saw my April favourites post, I actually included this nail polish as one of my favourites! This is one of my all time favourite Essie Nail Polishes because I find it goes with everything because it’s more of a neutral pink rather than a really bright pink that won’t go with as much. The one last great thing about this polish colour is that it’s good for all year round rather than just one season (not that I necessarily always follow those “seasonal nail polish colour rules”).

I’ve had this nail polish for a pretty long time and I find it’s also a great “neutral” purple colour so it goes with a lot of what I wear. It’s also a great colour for spring and summer.

Mint Candy Apple
At first I wasn’t a huge fan of this colour because it was really light and it took a lot of coats for it to actually show up as the colour in the bottle. Once the weather got nicer and spring rolled around I realized this was more of a spring and summer colour so I liked i started wearing it more and have actually come to really like it!

Muchi Muchi
There’s not much for me to say about this nail polish colour except for the fact that it is just the perfect light pink nail polish. In general, I’m not a huge fan of bright pink or hot pink nails, so thats why I tend to lean towards the more neutral or lighter shades of pink.

Aruba Blue
This is another great colour that I love wearing all year round. It was one of my first Essie nail polishes and I still wear the colour all the time. I like that it’s a little bit shimmery without having too much glitter in it.

Quick-e Drying Drops
I thought I would mention this product before ending this post because it is actually crazy; and by that I mean…as crazy as nail polish and beauty products can get. I’m not sure where these drying drops have been all my life but I hate waiting for nail polish to dry and if you put a few drops of this on your wet nail polish it drys instantly…need I say more? If you paint your nails at all and hate waiting for them to dry…buy this.

I hope you all liked this post! Let me know in the comments below what your favourite nail polish brand is or which Essie colour is your fav! Any recommendations? Have an amazing week everyone! If you didn’t see my latest post (from this morning), I did a Q&A with youtuber and blogger, LaurDIY, so check it out!

Xo Ali Grace

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