Q&A with Lauren Riihimaki AKA LaurDIY

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Q&A Series
Hello Beautiful People!

Today in my interview series I interviewed DIY, fashion and beauty youtuber and blogger LaurDIY. She started her blog and branched off into youtube and in only a few years reached over 500, 000 youtube subscribers. If you love DIY’s, fashion, beauty and much more, definitely take the time to check out Lauren’s youtube channel and blog if you haven’t already! For more of Lauren and her social media sites, the links will be down below at the bottom of this post.


Can you please briefly introduce yourself, what your blog is, what type of blog it is?
I’m Lauren, the 20 year old behind the YouTube channel LaurDIY and DIY/lifestyle blog Desire & Inspire (soon to be laurdiy.com). I focus on creating new from old, and using your own creativity to create anything from a distressed pair of denim shorts, a sushi pillow or room décor!

When did you first start blogging and what first made you want to start blogging?
In the first year of my university program, I was feeling completely creativity suffocated (no joke, I was writing papers on the density of ink, the folding endurance of paper and how things are printed). So I did a ton of research on how to get a blog up and running, and dove head first into the world of WordPress, hosting sites and basic HTML. At first I was just posting DIY tutorials using photos I had taken of each step and little blurbs to go along with it and eventually realized that if I transitioned over to video tutorials, they would be much more interactive and easily understood. And that’s how my YouTube channel “LaurDIY” was born as well!

Where do you get inspiration for each DIY that you do?
To be completely honest, I’m always on the hunt for a bargain so the majority of my DIYs come from seeing something in a store and thinking to myself that I could make that for a fraction of the price. Graphic tees, anything studded or dyed and cut up tees can get really pricey, but why pay upwards of $20 when you can make it out of things you already have! Pinterest and Tumblr are also great sources of inspiration!


Who are your biggest fashion influences?
Mary Kate Olsen, Claire Marshall of the YouTube channel heyclaire and Sammi from the YouTube channel beautycrush. I love a mix of edgey and cali girl style.

Who is your role model?
I don’t necessarily have someone who I look up to for everything (besides my good ol’ mom of course), but in terms of style, the girls I mentioned in the previous question and then I definitely look up to Bethany Mota from the YouTube channel macbarbie07 because of the amazing things she’s accomplished!

Have you had any crazy experiences or encounters because of blogging or youtube?
I had a girl cry once in a Rexall pharmacy which was pretty surreal. I’m just an internet kid who likes to craft!! Insanely flattering, but so crazy at the same time.


What do you hope for in the future in terms of youtube and your blog?
My main goal is basically just being able to keep up with my blog! I started DIYing on D&I, but as soon as my YouTube started growing, that became my main focus and it got difficult to maintain YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and my blog! But in terms of long term goals, after my final year of University I plan to go full time with “LaurDIY”.

What is your absolute favourite aspect about blogging and youtube?
100% the freedom of creativity you have. Especially in terms of filming, I decide exactly what I’m going to DIY, how I’m going to film it, how to relay my personality through the video and voiceover, how to market it and all the creative elements involved in the design and editing work. I’ve always needed a creative outlet in my life, and doing YouTube and blogging has completely satisfied that need!

Do you have any advice for those who are interested in starting their own blog?
Be yourself. That is the number one advice I give to those aspiring to start their own channel or blog. Ten people can talk about their favourite makeup products, but what makes each blog/video interesting is how the person delivers their content and how they can bring their personality into the video/post. People come back to your channel/blog because they enjoy how you, personally, deliver what you do.


I’d like to thank Lauren again for taking the time to answer a few of my questions! If you haven’t checked out Lauren’s youtube channel yet or her blog, it’s a must. I hope you’re all still enjoying this Q&A Series and trust me – there are a lot more Q&A’s to come! Have an amazing week everyone! And if you didn’t see my latest post where I did a quick room tour of my new room and talking about making any space your own, check it out!


Xo Ali Grace
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