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Hello Beautiful People!

The other day I asked Fashion blogger, Melissa, a few questions about her blog The Fashion Huntress! I find her blog to be an extremely unique fashion blog and her fashion is geared towards more of the working lifestyle because she is always dressing for work but trying to look fashionable while doing so. If you haven’t checked out Melissa’s blog before, it’s a must!


Can you introduce yourself, tell us where you’re based from, and the name of your blog? 
My name is Melissa (aka The Fashion Huntress), and I’m a fashion blogger based in Chicago. I’m a social worker by day and a blogger by night. My blog is focused on finding great fashion for work (and casual wear, though predominantly work wear) at affordable prices.

When did you first start blogging and what made you want to start your blog?
Fashion and writing are definitely hobbies of mine. I had a few people ask why I didn’t do anything specific with my fashion passion, so I decided to start a blog! I’m a firm believer that fashion really should be accessible to people at all price points. I love sharing tips on how other people can find great pieces for great prices and feel good about what they are wearing.

What is one thing that makes your blog unique from others?
I think what’s a little different about my blog is that I really will shop just about anywhere for a great deal and great quality (resale, thrift, consignment, retail, etc)- and that the prices I strive to share with my readers are, hopefully, truly affordable.


Who would you say your biggest fashion icon is?
Oh my, my list of style icons goes on and on: Coco Chanel, Sarah Jessica Parker, the lovely ladies at Marchesa, other bloggers, you name it!

Can you briefly describe your style?
Ha! I really try to describe it, but I’m not sure what my style is! I tend to mix and match patterns and wear a lot of bright colors, so I guess it’s quirky conservative chic? I hope it is, at least!

What do you hope to accomplish in the future in terms of your blog?
My real dream is to one day be able to share my tips and approach to fashion in a book. Any publishers reading this? I’m free for a brainstorming session, if you’re interested!


Coffee or tea?
Generally tea- but coffee when I’m needing a little more of a boost to get going!

Heels or flats?
Heels! Though I always commute in flats. Safety first when driving and my heels are not conducive to safe driving!

Do you have any advice to those who are interested in starting a blog  but may be worried?
I was really nervous when I first started my blog. I thought no one would read it, or they would think it was silly. The funny thing is, it’s been the complete opposite. The blogging community is incredibly supportive, and I’m always inspired by the other bloggers with whom I’ve formed relationships. I take more fashion risks now than I ever did, because I’ve built more confidence through blogging. It makes my whole day when someone shows me something they got for a great deal, tell me they were inspired to go hunt for deals, or that they started to think of their own style in a new way. If your dream is to blog, or anything else, don’t let fear stand in the way. Always, always, always dream huge, do what you love, and wear what makes you feel good.


I’d like to thank Melissa again for taking some time to answer some questions for my blogger Q&A Series! And again, check out Melissa’s blog, The Fashion Huntress, if you haven’t already! Also, if you haven’t seen my latest post on Essie Nail Polishes, check it out! Have an amazing week everyone! Ps. Did you realize my website changed to http://www.dearaligrace.com? Exciting!

Ali Grace xo
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  2. I love everything about Melissa a lot!!!! Thanks for such great Interview!

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