How to: Making Pour Over Coffee

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Whatever Wednesday

When I first got my Kinfolk magazines and started following a bunch of photographers on Instagram, I kept seeing this weird coffee-making contraption. Ok, it wasn’t that weird, it was a mug with a cone on top, and I never understood why people did it, or how it worked for that matter. So one day when I was on the Kinfolk Vimeo watching the different coffee-making tutorials/videos (yes, yes I do get bored), I came across a video on how to make pour over coffee, and I realized, OH that’s what I was seeing in those photos!

Anyways, today I was at work and I had to make pour over coffee for someone, and I was pretty glad I had watched that video. It’s extremely simple, and it makes an AMAZING tasting coffee (in my opinion). It’s also known as “The Perfect One Cup Coffee Maker” because it makes one cup of coffee at a time, which is great for me so I don’t waste coffee while i’m making it for just myself!


The Perfect One Cup Coffee

Things you will need:
– Coffee Grinds, ground on No.4 (fine)
– Paper Cone Coffee Filters #2
– A Pour over cone
– Tablespoon
– Kettle
– A mug for your coffee

Coffee Grinds, ground to No.4, which is fine grind

Paper Cone Coffee Filters

A Pour Over Cone

Quick & Easy Steps to make the coffee:
Boil one cup of water
2. Place pour over cone on top of the mug
3. Insert your paper cone coffee filter into the pour over cone
4. Measure 1-2 tbsp of coffee grinds and put them into your filter
5. Pour boiling water over the grinds in the filter to thoroughly wet them all
6. Take breaks between pouring the water and let the coffee drip into the mug
7. The overall brewing time from when you start pouring the water in should take about 2 mins.
8. Throw out filter, take your pour over cone off the mug and enjoy your coffee!

In Photo: Step 6, Take breaks between pouring the water and let the coffee drip into the mug


I hope you all enjoyed this post! I know it was something I was interested in trying for a while, I’m not really sure about anyone else…but I for sure was. Give it a try! Buying everything you need to make a pour over coffee is REALLY cheap. For me, the paper filters were only $2 for 40 and the pour over cone was only $5! Let me know in the comments below if you have tried this type of coffee making and what you think of it, or let me know if you end up trying it and what you think!

Have an amazing rest of the week everyone! And remember, it’s almost Friday!!


Products mentioned in this post and where to buy similar ones:
Pour Over Coffee Cone 
(this is an example, but you can find them for cheaper like I did)
Paper Cone Coffee Filter #2 

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