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Q&A Series

Recently I got the chance to ask Lissa who is a mother and a fashion and beauty blogger from Soymilkblog! I think Lissa has a really unique take on the idea of fashion and beauty blogging, which makes her blog extremely interesting and great to read. The layout and photos on her blog are also something that really pulls the readers of her blog in and makes them want to read more! So if you haven’t checked out Soymilkblog before, I would highly recommend doing so!


Q&A with Lissa: 

Can you introduce yourself, tell us where you’re based from and what the name of your blog is?
I’m Lissa, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the author of Soymilkblog.

How would you describe your blog?  
I mainly post about fashion and beauty; I am also a new mother, and this has a lot of influence on my blog. My purpose is to inspire mothers and women to redefine themselves and celebrate their beauty, because everyone deserves to feel sexy.

When and why did you first start blogging?
I first started blogging six years ago, with a little fashion blog that didn’t amount to much. (But yes, I still look through its archives on occasion!) I mostly shared my daily outfits and moodboards. I was inspired by other fashion bloggers, who had such an air of confidence, and I wanted to join the unbelievably kind blogger community. I made a lot of friends and learned about myself because of it.

What is it about blogging that makes you love it so much? 
I am passionate about blogging because it allows me to reflect and prioritize my life. Like I said, my posts focus a lot on motherhood, which is something that I have recently discovered I am passionate about. Through blogging, I can reflect on that passion and share my love for my two-month-old son.

What made you so interested in fashion?  
I became interested in style when I was very young, about ten years old, because it let me express my point of view. It helped me learn to accept myself and feel comfortable sharing that with the world. I fully delved myself into the fashion world around the same time I started blogging – it’s such an interactive, welcoming world that I am honoured to be a part of.

What is your favourite fashion trend of all time? 
No matter the weather, I am always wearing black ankle boots. I’m a girl obsessed – they’re so practical and easy to wear, but make a statement at the same time.

What is your least favourite fashion trend of all time? 
Finding an excuse to wear a sweatshirt and pyjama pants: I, too, am guilty of this, but I would much rather feel sexy wearing something chic and put together.

What would you say your #1 skin care item is? 
This is such a difficult question to answer! If I had to pick among my babies, I would say Chanel’s Lait Confort is my favorite skincare product. It’s a milk-based cleanser – the first thing I use daily. It is gentle on irritated skin, preventative against breakouts, and the best start to my skincare routine. (But I’d say that my number one skincare secret is argan oil!)

Do you have any advice for people wanting to start a blog? 
Find your voice and commit to it. Don’t be afraid to be disliked or to receive negative feedback. And always remember that blogging is extremely personal! We do it because we’re passionate about it.

I’d like to thank Lissa again for taking the time to answer some of my questions and for being a part of my blogger Q&A series. As a reader of your blog, it was pretty cool to have the opportunity to ask you a few of my own questions and be able to share them with others on my blog! So thank you!!

Again, if you haven’t checked out Soymilkblog before, do it! It will not be a waste of your time and if you have a strong interest in beauty and fashion and you want  a more unique take on it, this is the blog you want to be reading!

For more Soymilkblog/Lissa: 

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Anyone doing anything interesting this weekend?!


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