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Today I had the opportunity to ask blogger and youtuber Kate from the blog, This.Is.What.I.Do a few questions! If you haven’t checked out her blog or subscribed to her on youtube yet, Kate has a love for fashion and talks about fashion, beauty and more! So, if you also have a love for fashion and style, checking out Kate’s blog and youtube channel is definitely a good idea!


Q&A with Kate: 

Can you introduce yourself, tell us where your based from, and the name of your blog? 
I’m Kate, 23 Years Old from the Midlands, My blog is Called: This.Is.What.I.Do

How would you describe your blog?
I would describe it as a diary of style, things I am coveting, outfits I love and all things fashion!

When and why did you first start blogging?  
I first started blogging in 2012. I was unemployed and wanted something to do in my spare time. I stumbled across the blogging world and immediately jumped on the bandwagon.

I’m subscribed to you on youtube too! Can you tell us a little bit about your youtube channel and what made you want to start the channel? 
It was a bit like blogging. I had watched a few people for a while and thought ‘I could do this’. I think my first video was a haul… I decided to go shopping just so I could make my first video and get myself started haha! It makes me cringe looking back at it now.

What is your absolute favourite thing about being a blogger and a youtuber?  
The people you talk to and meet. I’ve met a couple of really close friends through blogging and youtube so its great for meeting new people and them having the same interests as you.

What do you think the biggest fashion DON’T you’ve ever seen is? (mines probably crocks…)  
Haha i’m with you on that…although my mum has a pair and they are bloody comfy, hate to admit it!! Apart from crocs it would be kitten heels, I can’t stand them, they are hideous!!

Can you explain your style to us? I absolutely love it! 
I get asked this a lot and I can never answer it haha. I’d probable say eclectic. One day I’ll want to be scruffy, one day smart, at the moment I love the bohemian vibe as it’s getting closer to summer, I just think it looks cool and effortless.

Do you have one staple piece of clothing in your closet? 
It’s boring, but a pair of black skinny jeans. You can’t go wrong if you own a pair!

Do you have any advice for those who are interested in starting a blog or a youtube channel? 
Just go for it, be yourself and get a good camera. It doesn’t have to cost a bomb just a little point and shoot does the job! Also good lighting, and you’re good to go 🙂

I’d like to thank Kate for taking the time to answer all of my questions about herself, her blog and her youtube channel! Again, if you haven’t checked out Kate’s blog or youtube, click on the links to both of them NOW! I guarantee you will LOVE them both.

More from Kate: 

I hope you all have an amazing week! If you didn’t see my latest post, I do a quick DIY summer drink recipe! So check it out!


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