Summer Drinks at Home: Irish Cream Iced Coffee

Whatever Wednesday

Summer is when I start ordering cold drinks at coffee shops because of how hot it is outside! However, we all know how pricey ordering your favourite summer drink at a coffee shop every single day can be. In order to save money and save all of you money, I wanted to do a few posts in the next few weeks on some of the best summer drinks you can make at home!

Today the drink I chose to make was an Irish Cream Iced Coffee! Now, you don’t necessarily have to make the iced coffee using Irish Cream Coffee Beans, you can use any flavour you want or just keep it simple with a mild, medium, dark or decaf roasts!

Making your Favourite Summer Drinks at Home: Irish Cream Iced Coffee

Things You Will Need:
– Ground Coffee
– A Coffee Maker
– 2 Large Glasses
– Lots of ice
– Milk or Cream (Optional)
– Sugar or Sweetener (Optional)

A Few Quick Steps to Great Tasting Iced Coffee:

Step 1: Brewing the Coffee
Brew a large batch of coffee with the coffee maker of your choice (obviously…haha)


Step 2: Cool Down your Brewed Coffee
If you want to enjoy your iced coffee right away, you’ll need to cool down the coffee you just brewed. Take one glass and fill to the top with ice. Then, pour a glass of your brewed coffee into the glass full of ice and let it sit until most of the ice is melted and you can feel that the coffee inside the class is a lot cooler. [if you don’t want to drink the iced coffee right away, poor the brewed coffee into a jug and stick it into the fridge for later and continue these steps later]


Step 3: Prepare your Iced Coffee Glass
Next, you’ll want to prepare the glass you are putting the iced coffee in (which is a different glass from the one with the brewed coffee and melted ice. I like to turn the tap on as cold as possible and hold the glass under it for a while so the glass becomes really cold (as another option, you can keep the glass in the freezer when you first begin brewing the coffee). Then, depending on how you take your coffee, you’ll want to put your milk and sweetener, or whatever you’d like into the glass. I personally like to put about a ‘shot’ and a half of milk and one sweetener into the new cold glass. The last thing you do before adding your cold brewed coffee is adding a good amount of ice into the glass with your milk and sweetener (or whatever you added in).


Step 4: Pour your  Delicious Iced Coffee
Last, but certainly not least, pour the cold brewed coffee from the other glass into the glass with the milk and sweetener (or ingredients of your choice).


Step 5: Stir well and Enjoy!
If you have lots of extra brewed coffee left (which you probably will), don’t waste it! Put it in a jug or water bottle, stick it in the fridge and save it for your next iced coffee!


I hope you all enjoyed this post and enjoy your iced coffee! Let me know in the comments below what your favourite summer drink is and what the next at home summer drink I should share on my blog is! If you didn’t see my last post, I did a quick interview with Kate from the fashion and style blog This.Is.What.I.Do, so check it out! Have an amazing week! It’s almost Friday, yay!


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