Q&A with: Lyzi from Being Little

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Q&A Series

About a week ago I asked Lyzi from the blog, Being Little, a few questions for my blogger Q&A Series! I love Lyzi’s blog because it is a great mix of everything. Some fashion, lifestyle, art, food, etc. It’s great to read and I suggest you go read it!


Interview with Lyzi: 

Can you introduce yourself, tell us where you’re based from and what the name of your blog is?      
Hello! I’m Lyzi, and I live in Bristol. The name of my blog is Being Little.

How would you describe your blog?  
It’s basically about me, my life, and the things that inspire me. It includes fashion, art, food, as well as serious subjects such as mental health.

Did you ever expect your blog to grow so much?
Not at all! When I first started, it was just a way to document my art and something for me to do while I was unwell, but it evolved into something much more than that. I’m so thankful for all my followers.

Did you ever think you would keep up with your blog for so long? What motivates you to keep up with blog?
I never really thought about a time scale when I started, it was just something that I could do from my bed. The feedback I get from people always spurs me on to want Being Little to be bigger and better. Reading other blogs inspires me too, and gives me lots of new ideas that I’d like to try.

Are you a t-shirt or blouse kind of girl?
Definitely a t-shirt girl, although I have fallen for some beautiful blouses lately!

What is your favourite fashion trend of all time?
I love looking back on vintage fashions, particularly the hourglass shape that was popular in the 1950s. Anything with a cinched in waist is my favourite.

Where do you get the inspiration for each blog post you write?
All over the place! I honestly find inspiration in everything. Pinterest is an extremely useful tool for collecting all your inspiration in one place, as well as discovering new ideas!

I noticed on your blog that you actually sell some of your handmade things and art, can you tell us a little bit about that?
It is definitely more of a hobby that I do every now and then. I haven’t had much room to do any creating lately, but it’s something I’d like to get more involved in when I have a proper work space. You can visit my rather bare etsy shop here – https://www.etsy.com/shop/beinglittle

Do you have any advice for people wanting to start a blog?
Write about what you love. I don’t think there’s much point in writing about things that you don’t really care about, and people reading will be able to tell!

I’d like to thank Lyzi again for being awesome and taking the time to answer some of my questions! Make sure you check out Lyzi’s amazing blog and all her other social media links will be posted below for you to check out!

For More From Lyzi:
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I recently created a facebook page for my blog, so make sure to check it out for lots of updates on my blog! If you haven’t seen my latest post, I give some quick directions/recipe for a great summer drink and there will be more to come! So make sure to check that out. Have an amazing rest of the week everyone!


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