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Today I thought I would do something a little different than talking about beauty, fashion or the blogger Q&A’s and just write in a blog post. Writing is one of the greatest ways to express yourself and sometimes it feels great to just sit down and write. Most of the time when I write I don’t end up sharing it on my blog, or with anyone for that matter. But today I thought I would talk about taking some time and exploring. Taking some time for yourself to reflect, taking some time to hangout with old friends and new friends, and exploring new and old territory.


Spring and Summer is when most people like to take some time for themselves, or spend time with some friends. The best thing about the summer besides not having to go to school (for some people) is spending time outside in the amazing weather. Although I’m not new to the city, I haven’t ever had the chance to live here for a long period of time and explore the whole city. The coolest things about cities are, you can think that you’ve been almost everywhere in the city at least once, but chances are you haven’t. There is always something new to see and always something new to explore. And I’m sure that’s not just true in a city, but in every place!


Although it’s simple for some people to stick to the same routine; go to the same coffee shop everyday, the same park, get on the same bus, walk the same paths, drive the same routes, etc, switching it up sometimes and trying something new can be a lot of fun! I mean, going to a different coffee shop than usual may not be life changing or anything, but it could potentially be day changing, which is just as important, isn’t it? What I’m trying to say is that if you don’t give yourself the chance to change up your usual routine a little bit and try new things, you’ll never be able to find what else is out there for you to enjoy!


So far this spring break, which has actually only been occurring for a few weeks…I’ve tried to escape the city for a little bit and find the nature within the city, whether it’s man made or natural, escaping the city can be great for a day. I envy those who have mountains as backyards but I tried to make due with what I have, which is parks, lots of parks. I could have gone to the same park twice, because I did enjoy it the first time! But instead I decided to switch it up and go to another one. Both parks were really different. One really small planted in the middle of a market, and the other large and off to the side of the city. There is something about sitting down and reading in a park or listening to music outside rather than sitting at home or in a Starbucks and doing the same. I guess in a way it feels more fulfilling and productive to be taking in the summer weather and relaxing at the same time.


The biggest point I’m trying to get across is that this spring and summer, take time for yourself, to spend with friends and go explore. Explore things you’ve seen before, things you’ve never seen before, and the best one, things you actually had no idea existed in the first place. And i’ll do the same!

I think that’s all I have to say for this super sappy post. Sometimes I think it’s good to just change up my blog a little and talk about things other than fashion and beauty, even though that’s what my blog is about. But I’m just trying to change it up a little with this blog post and see what else is out there…see what I did there? Haha

Have an amazing Monday everyone! And a great rest of the week. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite thing to explore is! and your favourite things to do in the spring and summer!


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