Q&A with: Chloe from Stone Cold Comfort

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A few weeks ago, when I first decided to start this Q&A series, I contacted Chloe from the craft and lifestyle blog, Stone Cold Comfort. I  love everything craft, diy and lifestyle and so Chloe’s blog is the perfect blog for me to be reading and also you if you love all things craft, diy and lifestyle! On top of that, Chloe’s blog features some of the tastiest looking recipes!

Can you introduce yourself, tell us where you’re based from and what the name of your blog is?
Hi I’m Chloe, I live in Surrey and my blog is called Stone Cold Comfort!

How would you describe your blog?
My blog is a mixture of DIY tutorials and recipes for people to try at home as well as a place for me to share the things I find inspiring, projects I’m working on and little snippets of everyday life.

What first made you interested in craft and lifestyle blogging? 
I didn’t start my blog with a particular intention in mind – at first it was just a place for me to share things I around me that I found inspiring. I’ve always loved making things and gradually the sewing, knitting and baking just started to creep into the blog more and more until one day I woke up and realized I had a craft blog on my hands!

What would you say your favourite DIY you’ve ever done is and why?
I absolutely love my Liberty print quilted zipper pouch! I use mine all the time to hold bits and pieces like make up, lip balm, my phone, my travel card etc. It makes it easy to switch between handbags because everything is in one place and protects my make up and other bits and pieces from rattling around at the bottom of my bag. It’s also deceptively simple to make!

How do you balance a family, work, a social life and your blog all at the same time?
This is a tricky one – getting the balance right is difficult but so important. I try to break down my tasks then schedule them in using little snippets of time here and there – I might get up early and spend an hour in the morning editing photos, brainstorm new project ideas on my lunchbreak and type up posts during the commute. Most of my making and photography tends to happen during the day at the weekend and I’ll always know exactly what I need to get done and have it planned out in advance. That way my evenings are free for husband and cat time as well as seeing friends.

What would you say your favourite recipe you’ve ever made is baking wise?
It’s not technically baking but my favourite recipe at the moment has got to be my DIY chocolate Easter bunny! I get so much satisfaction of making things at home that you would usually buy from the shops and I just loved how this one turned out. I can see more chocolate modelling coming up in the not too distant future!

What is unique about your blog in comparison to other blogs?  
There are so many blogs out there these days – I think it’s great and there’s room for them all! At the end of the day what makes my blog unique is that I bring my own style to each of my projects – my way of breaking down tutorials so that they’re easy to follow, photographing the steps and coming up with eye catching projects that people will really want to make is a challenge but something that becomes easier the more I do it!

What other hobbies do you have besides baking, DIY’s and blogging?
I love walks in the countryside at the weekend, rummaging about for bargains in charity shops, discovering little cafes and having a good lie in on a Sunday!

What or who gives you the inspiration for your blog?
I get a lot of my inspiration from what’s going on around me – a trip to an antique shop or a walk around the haberdashery department in Liberty will spark of a load of new ideas so I always keep a notebook with me! I usually find that one project leads on to another and once I’ve learned a new skill I start thinking about new projects that I could apply it to so that keeps pushing me forward.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to start a blog?
Do it! Just go for it – it’s anyone’s game. Bear in mind that it can take time to find your niche, grow your readership and the whole process of blogging involves a lot more behind the scenes work than you might realise. Run your own race and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. If there’s something you’re passionate about but want to get better at – like photography, baking, sewing or interior design, blogging can really help push yourself forward. Especially in the world of craft blogging there is a really supportive, online community of creative people which can be really inspiring!

I’d like to thank Chloe for taking the time to answer some of my questions about her blog (amazing answers might I add)! If you love crafting, lifestyle and the tastiest recipes, you’ll love Chloe and her blog!

For more Chloe: 

If you didn’t get a chance to see my last two posts, I talked all about blush in one and exploring in another! Have an amazing rest of the week everyone and stay tuned for my blogger Q&A’s coming your way this whole month!


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