5 Staple Jewelry Pieces

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Fashion Friday

Although statement necklaces are in style at the moment, and amazing! They don’t necessarily go with anything and everything and therefore, can’t really be worn on an everyday basis (I mean, unless you want to!) I think it’s important if you wear jewelry, to have a few staple pieces of jewelry that will go with all of your outfits but are still just as appealing to look at as a statement necklace! By mixing different silver and gold pieces, you’ll find a wide variety of jewelry pieces to wear with each outfit everyday!

image (45)

1. A Simple Silver Cuff Bracelet (from H&M)
Can be paired with any outfit, is simple but the chain hanging off of the bracelet/Cuff adds something a little more to it!

image (47)

2. A Watch, Silver or Gold, Big or Small (top: Aldo, bottom: American Apparel)
Both watches go with everything and I can change up whether I want a larger watch or a smaller watch on!

image (46)

3. A Dainty Ring or a Few (found at my dads worksite…may have come off of something…definitely not a ring)
Ever since my dad gave me this “ring”, I’ve been wearing it everyday! And I’m not usually a ring person (because I forget…)

image (49)

4. A Pair of Pearl Earrings (…real or fake)
Pearls are classic and go with everything. Whether you have real ones or fake ones (like me), they are great to wear all the time!

image (50)

5. An All Gold or Silver Necklace (from H&M)
I love this necklace because even though it has flowers on it, it’s still simple and gold, and goes with everyone of my outfits! I also like to wear other solid gold and silver necklaces such as a simple chain or a more dainty necklace.

image (48)


That is all for this post! Let me know in the comments below what your favourite pieces of everyday Jewelry are! If you didn’t get a chance to read my other posts the past few days, I talked about beauty products worth repurchasing and did a Q&A with Chloe from the craft and lifestyle blog Stone Cold Comfort, so be sure to check those posts out if you haven’t! Have a great week!


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