HOW TO: Froth Milk at Home

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Not everyone has a frother or any tools for frothing at home, but they still enjoy a latte or cappuccino here or there. Today I thought I would share how I froth milk and create foam for my coffees, lattes and cappuccinos with only a jar and a microwave! I know using the microwave isn’t the best but…that’s okay…lets make an exception this time! Here are the couple quick and easy steps to frothing your own milk and making some awesome foam for your at home drinks! It works well and will save you money.

image (32)

What You Will Need:

– Jar w/ a Lid
– Microwave
– Milk (any kind)
– Coffee, Espresso Shots, Hot Chocolate…etc

Step One: Pour milk into a jar about halfway so there is still room for the foam

Step Two: Put the lid on the jar and shake the milk in the jar for about 20-30 seconds until the milk has risen to the top of the jar with bubbles and it doesn’t feel like it can be shaken anymore

image (33)

Step Three:
Take the lid off the jar and place the jar in the microwave until 30 seconds (making sure it doesn’t overflow)

image (34)

Step Four:
Take the jar out of the microwave and spoon your foam into your mug with your espresso or coffee and enjoy!

I hope you all enjoyed this quick little at home how to! It comes in handy if you are someone who loves foam with their drinks like me! Let me know in the comments below if this was helpful to you in any way! Also, if you didn’t see my lastest post, I did a first impression/review on the Neutrogena Healthy Skin CC Cream! Have a great Sunday everyone!


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