Tips to Prepare for First Year University

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I haven’t been writing many blog posts lately because I haven’t had much to talk about. I haven’t been shopping because I’ve been saving my money up for a trip and for school, so there are no fashion or beauty products to talk about. And all in all, i’ve just felt no desire to be on all my social media networks lately because of this awesome weather (not that I don’t love blogging, it’s a great hobby, but sometimes it’s good to take a little break if you have nothing you want to share).

Anyways, I thought it was about time to write a short little blog post and since my past few university tip blog posts have had positive feedback, I thought I would write one on how to prepare for first year university. I’m no university expert or anything but I don’t think it takes an expert to give some advice to those going into their first year. I know I would have loved to read posts like this to help me prepare and overall, these posts help me reflect on what I’ve learned in school so far.


1. Enjoy your Summer
It’s great to be excited about going to university, and I’m not telling you to not be excited, you should be! However, you have to remember that you’re going back to school and it really is a lot of work. So make sure to enjoy your summer and focus on hanging out with friends, getting outside and just relaxing! You’ll have plenty of time to prepare for school when it gets a little closer, or when you’re already there! So until the time comes when you have to throw yourself into school work, enjoy your time off!

2. Join your Future School’s Social Media
It’s an awesome idea to join any social media groups that your future school may be part of. My school personally had a great facebook group for my class and I know a lot of other universities do too. It’s a great place to ask upper years of fellow classmates any questions you may have about classes, residences and just university in general. It’s also a great place to get to know some people with similar interests, in your faculty or even your residence before school starts!

3. Get Ready to Step out of your Comfort Zone
University is the time to step a little outside your comfort zone, especially during welcome week. I personally didn’t participate in as much frosh week stuff as I should have and I regret that! So when school gets closer, prepare to be more open to stepping outside of your comfort zone and participating in everything! You’ll get to know a lot of people and overall you’ll feel more comfortable at your new school.

4. Still no Huge Decisions
I remember I was so scared that I didn’t know what I wanted to do before even going into university. Even though you’re put into a faculty, remember, you don’t have to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life just yet and the “what do you want to do after school question” definitely doesn’t have to be answered anytime soon. University is meant to be a period where you can explore all your different career options and you’ll be given tons of time to do so. So make sure not to start stressing about what you’re going to do anytime soon.

5. Good Grades Come to those who Work for them
Know that there is such a simple formula to doing well in university. It’s not impossible to get good grades and those who work for their grades, get good grades. So, if you’re nervous in any way about your grades, know that if you put a lot of effort into all your work, you’ll do perfectly fine!

6. There is Nothing Scary about University
I remember how scared I was for school the first few weeks before it started. I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to meet anyone, I would get lost all the time, etc etc. (all the usual fears of going to a new school). But there is honestly nothing to worry about. There are so many people around you who are willing to answer any questions you have. I also don’t think I got completely lost once in the first week and everything was really easy to find! It’s also really easy to meet people in classes, tutorials, welcome week, residence and many more places! You’ll meet new people everywhere you go as long as you’re open about it!

7. Choose your Classes Wisely
I think I chose a lot of classes first year without really thinking my choices through. It didn’t end up being that bad, but I didn’t necessarily take classes that I fully enjoyed. Just make sure you have a little bit of interest in all your classes before taking them because I did regret taking classes like biology and calculus in the end because they brought down my grades (personally) because I had absolutely no interest in them. There are tons of choices so make sure to read the class description of each one!

8. Be Wise about Making your Schedule
Night classes are just as bad as they sound (at least I thought so). I’m not sure why I thought having a bunch of night classes would be enjoyable but it didn’t end up being too great. By the end of the first couple weeks of my really scattered schedule
I had wished I smooshed all my classes together at the beginning of the day (kind of like a high school day) because it would have been so much more enjoyable. Also, night classes don’t give you much time to do homework at night because you’re always really tired after them. Just make sure to arrange your schedule as wisely as you can. If you enjoy night classes, go ahead and take as many as you want! But just be sure that is what you want before choosing them. As for second term classes, it’s really easy to switch them around until second term comes so if you learn what kind of schedule you like, you may be able to rearrange your second term schedule to something you like better.

I think at this point i’m kind of out of advice, but I hope this post was helpful to some people! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and there are a lot more posts to come throughout the summer (just not EVERY single day). Have a good week everyone!


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