May Edition: Things I’ve Been Loving

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Since it’s now the beginning of June and May just flew by, I’ve decided to share with you all things I loved in May and that I’ve of course continued to love! Some are old favourites, some are new things! I’m going to share with you all my favourite, drink, beauty products, books, music and even people of the month (which sounds weird but you’ll see haha).

Beauty Products I’ve Been Loving:
Simon’s Nail Polish // This month I’ve been absolutely loving four different products! The first beauty product I’ve been loving is a nude nail polish which I actually bought in Quebec at an amazing store called Simons (I wish we had it where I live). This nude nail polish has been perfect for me to wear every single day because I’m actually at work everyday! I don’t like wearing really bright nail polish at work because I don’t have as much time to paint them and therefore when they’re chipping they look way worse than just nude nails! (and yes, I could just wear no nail polish and the problem would be solved…but I really love nail polish haha)

Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser // The second beauty product I’ve been loving is actually an old favourite that i’ve talked about a few times on my blog but I actually changed to the product for more sensitive skin! Since the summer is coming up I feel like my skin has been a little confused and this face wash by Aveeno has been perfect for my skin and it’s really cleared up any of the craziness on my face lately! I also like it because its really light unlike the soap and glory face wash I had been using last month which was a little more harsh because it had little exfoliating beads in the formula.

Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara // I actually have to admit that when my mom first gave me this product because she wasn’t a fan, I tried it out and wasn’t a fan either. But lately all I’ve been wearing to work on my eyes is a little bit of mascara and I feel like this is the perfect mascara that with one coat goes a long way and it’s not too overwhelming for me to wear while at work. I think the reason I didn’t like this before was because I was putting too many coats, but one has been perfect!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette // I’m pretty sure this has been my favourite a couple of times on my blog but this time I actually just have one favourite shadow from the palette which I’ve been wearing on it’s own almost everyday which is Burnout which I feel works perfectly on it’s own and even pigmented enough to not wear with any eye shadow primer.

image (41)
theyre real mascara
naked 3

Drinks I’ve Been Loving:
Lemon Water // I don’t have much to say about this because it’s as simple as water with a bit of lemon in it but I find that when I bring a bottle of this to work (where I easily get dehydrated) I drink a ton of it and it’s been awesome!

Iced Coffee with Soy Milk // Since it’s been getting hot outside I’ve replaced my hot morning coffee with a glass of iced coffee every morning and I put just a little bit of Soy Milk in it. It’s been a really great wake me up for the hot weather!

Books I’ve Been Loving:
Kinfolk Table // Something a little bit different for me is that I’ve actually been loving the Kinfolk Table cookbook! I love all the recipes in it, the photos and the stories behind each of the foods and recipes chosen for the book! If you’re someone who loves to cook and typically only cooks for smaller groups, this would be a great cookbook for you!

Kinfolk Mag // Continuing on with the kinfolk love which I honestly love every single month…this is seriously the only magazine I actually love to read and collect! Inside each issue there are amazing photos, recipes, stories, tips, tricks, lists, etc. I love reading them over and over again and learning new things from each issue!

image (42)

Music I’ve Been Loving: 
Bones by Josh Record // I found out about this song and artist about two weeks ago while watching some Fun for Louis vlogs (Louis is friends with Josh). I ended up looking up some of his music and I fell in love! His music is all so catchy and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve listened to the song Bones!

Bloom by The Paper Kites (Alex Brandt Remix) // I’ve known the song Bloom by the Paper Kites for a while now but the other day I heard the Alex Brandt remix of the song and absolutely loved it! It’s a really calming remix and I’ve listened to it already an uncountable amount of times because it’s that good!


People I’ve Been Loving: 
Feel and Flourish // I’ve talked about the Feel and Flourish blog before which is Kaitlin and Chelseas Blog (interview with them up on my blog soon). I just love all their photos and posts so much and I’ve really been following along with their blog this may! I would definitely say it is one of my favourite fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs to read (especially lately)

Louis Cole // I’ve been a huge fan of watching daily or weekly vlogs for a while on youtube or vimeo, but this month I’ve been constantly watching all the different Fun for Louis daily vlogs, especially his vlogs from his trip to India which definitely make me want to travel even more! He’s a really good vlogger and it’s not hard to sit down and binge watch all his youtube videos. A lot of his friends also have great vlog channels like Ben Brown, Jack and Finn (who also have awesome India vlogs up) and more!


Random Thing I’ve Been Loving:
Bath and Body Works Candles in Pink Petal Tea Cake & Provence Garden  // All I have to say about these two candles is…they smell amazing and I would definitely suggest picking these up if you’re a candle lover like myself.


So that was my long (very) long list of things I’ve been loving lately! I hope you all enjoyed this post! What have you been loving this month? Do we share any of the same favourites? Have an amazing rest of the week everyone!


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