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I decided it was time to stop filling in my eyebrows using my urban decay naked basics palette and start using an actual brow product that would last all day and look more natural. So, while at Sephora the other week, I picked up the Anastasia Brow Wiz! I had heard a lot about the product (good things only) through youtube videos and magazines.

brow wiz

A Little About the Product //
The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is a very thin brow pencil that is meant to help shape, define and create full nature looking brows really easily. It’s double sided and comes with a spooley on one end to help tame the brow hairs and on the other end is the small pencil. One really great thing about the product I noticed in the store is that there are a lot of shades available so you can almost perfectly match your brow colour (that’s one of the biggest reasons why it is so natural looking).


What’s Great About the Product // 
As mentioned above, the first great thing I found about the product was that there are so many choices of shades so you’re able to get a natural looking brow. The brow pencil that I got was in Soft brown and I made sure not to spend any money on it until I knew it was the perfect shade for me (the girl at Sephora did my eyebrows for me with it), and it was!

I use a really light hand to apply the product and I draw it on as if each stroke it a piece of hair. I have really thin poorly maintained eyebrows so I was impressed with how will this product allows you to shade in your brows and make them look more full but they still look natural. The product also allows for you to create an arch in your brows if you don’t have one already by simple drawing one in and shading it in.

One thing I didn’t like about using eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows is that it wasn’t water resistant or long lasting whatsoever. But the Brow Wiz is actually extremely long lasting (as long as you don’t touch your eyebrows a lot) and water resistant. It stays form the moment I put it on until the moment I want to take it off, which is always about when I wake up-when I go to bed.

brow wiz 2

Things I don’t Like About the Product //
There is actually only one thing I don’t like about the product and I don’t actually find it to be that big of a deal. The spooley that is on the one end of the brush actually takes a good amount of the product out if you use it after you apply the product. However, even though this isn’t great, I try to use the spooley more before I apply the product and then brush through VERY lightly after.

image (28)

image (29)

The Product in Use //
I wanted to take a couple photos to show how I use the product and how it looks before and after using it. These photos aren’t the best representation colour wise because the after photo colour is a little more orange than it should be, but in person the colour matches exactly with my brows! I also could have shaded them in a bit better than I did for the pictures… hahaha. Lastly, not the best quality pictures, but hey, what can you do, amirite?

brows before and after


I hope the post was helpful to anyone who is looking for a really good brow product to use found this post helpful! Have any of you used this product before, if so, what were your thoughts? Are any of you going to give this product a try? Have a good Sunday!


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