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st law finds

I don’t even remember the last time I went to the St. Lawrence Market…and this morning at the market had me wondering what took me so long to finally go back. So, this morning at around 8am my dad and I drove into the city, grabbed our grocery bags and walked to the market. Now, I usually wouldn’t be a huge fan of waking up early but the St. Lawrence Market opens at 5am, so in order to get the ‘good stuff’ it’s probably best to head there as early as possible!

When I came home (a few hours ago), I thought it would be a cool idea to do a very quick blog post (mostly photos) of some of the yummy and pretty things my dad and I picked up from the market. And, my dad also thought it would be a cool idea to do a little series called “summer in the city”, so I guess this would be the first post of the summer in the city blog series!

babys breath - flowers

There is no way I could go to any market without picking up a plant or some pretty flowers. If you know me, you’d know I have a slight obsession with all things plant and flower related. I was on a hunt for peonies because I hadn’t bought any this season, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any amazing looking ones (I guess I’m a little late)…so, I made myself a little flower arrangement and was very happy to bring these home (i just wish they could last forever).

aged cheddar - cheese

mizithra - cheese

I’d say that the biggest focus of the upstairs in the market is cheese, meat and fish. If I was rich and cheese was as good for you as vegetables, I would buy all the cheese in there, but unfortunately that is not the case so my dad chose one and I chose one. The first is just a simple (delicious) aged cheddar. But the second cheese has a little bit of a story to it… my mom has been ordering the same thing from the old spaghetti factory forever and I guess I could say I have too. Their Browned butter and mizithra cheese is to die for and I’d never even think about ordering anything else there. Anyways, I had always wondered where this cheese was from and I had heard from so many people that it was VERY difficult to get a hold of. So, this morning I walked into the market on a mission to find me some of this cheese, and my dad and I found it at the first cheese place we went to. Turns out, it’s not that hard to find. It’s just very expensive to buy. However, I cannot wait to cook with this later tonight!

peaches - fruits

avocado - fruits

These photos do not do the size of these peaches and the avocados justice. They are actually HUGE. Markets are definitely the best place to buy produce because it’s all often ontario grown (which I know my dad is a huge fan of because it’s more fresh) and a lot cheaper than buying produce at a grocery store. At our grocery store avocados are VERY expensive. If it has been easier to carry around fruits at the market, I’m sure we would have picked up a lot more but it’s difficult to return home with the fruits in the same condition they left the market in. If only I lived a little bit closer!

carrots - veggies

asparagus - veggies

peppers - veggies

All the veggies in the market looked amazing but we only had room for a few in our bag so we picked up some of our favourites: carrots, asparagus and peppers. If you couldn’t tell, my dad and I have a slight obsession with asparagus and these ones were only 3 bunches for $4 and were too tasty looking to not buy! (asparagus at our grocery store is also REALLY expensive). Usually we wouldn’t buy so much produce in fear that it will go bad but we’ve made a goal to have a little bit with each meal so that it all gets put to good use…and the asparagus will be gone before we know it I’m sure.


Last but not least, there was no way we were going to the st. lawrence market without making a trip to the bakery. It was between fresh loaves of bread (all around $5-$7) or fresh bagels (at $0.75 each)…so we went with the bagels!

One last thing I did actually find at the market which I wasn’t even expecting to find when I went, but I had been looking for one for a while was a bamboo cutting board (which is what all these picture are taken on), it was cheap and great quality! I’m not sure whether or not my parents should be confused as to why their 18 year old is in search for a bamboo cutting board but what can I say…I’m stuck inside a late 20 year old wanting to throw dinner parties and bbqs body.

Have a great weekend everyone! Maybe you can take a trip to the St. Lawrence Market for yourself soon! I know I’m going to visit it way more often now that I know how amazing it really is there!


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