NatureBox // Review & First Impressions

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About NatureBox //

A few weeks ago (and keep in mind, before I went vegan) I decided to order a NatureBox because I found out recently that they just started shipping to Canada! I only wanted to try it out once, but if you don’t know already, NatureBox is a monthly mail subscription that will send you nutritious but tasty snacks for only about $20 depending on the box you get! The coolest things about the boxes is that for every box that is ordered, they donate one meal through Feeding America (a hunger relief charity) to help the millions of Americans who are hungry!

I got the cheapest box ($19.95), which was also the month to month package, and it included five delicious snacks! However, if you are someone who wants the subscription for a year, there is a good $15 a month deal!

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My July NatureBox Snacks //

image (78)
image (72)
image (77)
cheddar prezels
image (79)
image (74)
image (75)
image (73)
image (76)

Review & First Impressions //

I actually knew what snacks I was getting because when you order they send you an email letting you know what snacks you’ll be getting (which is cool…kind of ruins the surprise effect, but it’s still cool). So therefore, my first impression was that you do in fact get your moneys worth. The bags are a good size and my guess is that in a health food store most of these snacks individually would cost anywhere from $5-$6 each, or more!

My Favourite snack is the Coconut Energy Bites. They are definitely something you could make yourself because all there is to them is dates and coconut, but they are extremely delicious! (and it gives me the idea to do this myself way more often). My second favourite snack is the Granny Smith Apples, they are a lot more tasteful than the usual dried apples!

The Sourdough Cheddar Pretzels aren’t my favourite because they have a really “fake cheddar” kind of taste and I find I can only eat about three at a time haha (and they are tiny, so three is not very much).

The Cinnamon Swirl Kettle Kernels are good but hard on your teeth so definitely make sure that if you ever get these in your box you only have about a handful or less at a time and your teeth will be thanking you for not eating more than that!

The Black and White Granola is a bit on the sweet side (which I’m sure is what most people like about it). Other than the sweetness, this granola is much like any other granola! It would be a good snack on it’s own, with a little but of milk, fruit, yogurt, anything like that!

Verdict // 

I personally wouldn’t order the box again because they don’t give you an option to specify any dietary restrictions. Therefore, I would end up a lot of the time with a bunch of snacks that I can’t even eat! However, if you are someone with less of a restrictive diet and love snacking but want to keep the snacking on the healthier side, NatureBox is definitely for you and it’s probably even worth it to buy the year long or six month subscription in order to save a lot of money!


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