Q&A with Pauline from Living the Healthy Choice

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Q&A Series
Hello Beautiful People!

Today I had the chance to interview one of my favourite food bloggers Pauline, from the amazing blog Living the Healthy Choice! If you love to eat healthy, are looking for new healthy recipes, or just want to start baking and cooking healthier foods, this is the go to blog!



Can you introduce yourself, tell us where you’re based from and what the name of your blog is?  
I’m Pauline, a 21 year-old food lover from Berlin, Germany. I am a food blogger sharing healthy and plant-based recipes using all natural ingredients only. I post my recipes on my newly founded website www.livingthehealthychoice.com

When and why did you first decide to start your blog?
In early 2013 I created livingthehealthychoice. It first started as a self-experiment on Instagram, but I soon discovered a big passion for cooking and sharing how easy it actually is to eat and live healthy. I am now in the wonderful position that so many people all around the world follow me and I can give back by sharing delicious meals and ideas of healthy food.


Can you tell us a little about your journey into a plant based diet. When it started, why, etc. 
I haven’t always lived that healthy. I all began when I moved out of my parents and started living on my own. During that time, a lot changed and one thing was food. All of the sudden I was the one responsible for what landed on my table. I went to the supermarket and bought the food, I would prepare and eat at home. I couldn’t hide behind sentences like “Well, I didn’t buy that bar of chocolate – but now that it is here, it might as well get eaten”, it was now completely up to me what ended in my stomach. I started spending more time on Instagram, coming across accounts where people were sharing photos of their healthy meals and snacks. I instantly felt inspired, admiring the beautiful photos and wanting to eat as good and healthy as they did. I started experimenting in the kitchen – and gosh, the food tasted amazing! – I began integrated more vegetables in my diet, cutting out dairy products, as well as sugar and white flour. I found so much joy in making food, decorating my plate and taking photos of it, that I decided to post my own meals. It’s incredible to see how much more it has now become than the self-experiment it started with.


Where do you find the inspiration for each of your amazing recipes?
I find most of my inspirations during my travels. Every place brings new fruits and vegetables, its own scent, colors and people. I love ordering new foreign dishes and strolling around local markets when I am on the road. Next to traveling, other Instagram Accounts and Foodblogs are very inspirational. Seeing beautiful photos and meals can be quite motivating and it’s a bliss to sometimes cook by somebody else’s recipe.

What would you say your favourite recipe is to make yourself? 
My favorite recipe changes all the time! I wake up in the morning and just see what I wish to eat. At the moment I love love making guacamole. It’s my number one snack I bring to parties and the feedback has been overwhelmingly great. http://livingthehealthychoice.com/chunky-guacamole/


Your photos on your blog and instagram are amazing! Is photography something you’re really interested in? If so, when did your interest first begin and why?
My interest in photography developed long before I started this lifestyle. I was in my young teenage years when I started taking photos, taking clumsy photos of my friends and surrounding, always carrying my camera with me. It has been a deep passion ever since.  It’s very helpful that I can take all the photos for my blog myself – even though it can be quite tough having to do everything.

What is your favourite part about blogging and instagramming? 
I love being able to inspire and motivate people. All the nice comments I get from people, telling me about their situations and saying how I inspired them to live a healthier lifestyle, it’s overwhelming. That’s when I know that all the work is worth it.


Do you have any advice for those who want to commit to a healthy lifestyle but feel they don’t have the ‘willpower’ to or won’t be able to maintain it?  
That willpower is the key unfortunately. But… you have to realize that it all takes time. It’s important not to pressure yourself and to want to live 100% healthy starting tomorrow! Making the transition takes time. Start small and simple: integrate more vegetables in your meals and start the day with more fruits. It’s all about habits, but it takes time to form these. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but also don’t slack too much. It’s all about finding this balance and learning to listen to your body.

I’d like to thank Pauline for taking the time to answer my questions! I 100% recommend that you all check out her website because not only will it give you some great ideas for meals, but it will also inspire you in many ways!



I hope you all enjoyed this post and remember to check out Pauline’s wonderful website and social media sites! Have an amazing weekend everyone and enjoy the summer weather!

Ali Grace xo
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