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When I arrived home the other day from my trip, I noticed that I hadn’t written a blog post for almost a month, which I didn’t even realize. But, the great thing about blogging is that (at least for me), there are no due dates or schedules and I can post whenever I want to.

For the last few weeks I’ve been in British Columbia with my friend visiting my older sister. It was not only one of the best experiences of this summer for me, but it was one of the best trips i’ve ever been on. It was such a great experience and we did so many things while being there.

The most exciting thing we did while being there was definitely getting the chance to climb two mountains. I’ve been on hikes before but this trip made me realize that I hadn’t been on a HIKE. A real hike. One hike brought us 4,500 feet above the ground and we swam in a glacier fed lake (it was as cold as it sounds) and saw some spectacular views. The second hike brought us to the summit of goat mountain where we stood over 5,000 feet above the ground and we were able to look over what looked like fields and fields of mountains that went on for miles.

It was insane to see that one place can be so beautiful and on the weekends or evenings people who live there can just go climb a mountain for fun. British Columbia just seemed to be so productive. Everyone was doing something outside…hiking, climbing, biking, walking around with friends.

To quote something my brother said, it’s not often you come home from a trip and feel homesick from the place you were visiting. As soon as I stepped on the plane to come home, I wanted to come back again.

I’m hoping to keep up with blogging during the rest of summer and especially during school. So make sure to keep up to date with my posts and look out for new ones!

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