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I’m typically a collector of crappy $2-5 dollar phone cases that I find on amazon. A month later they break or just end up being complete crap and I have to go buy another one and the pattern just continues. But when I got my new phone I figured I should look into finding an actual nice case that would be long lasting and not a waste of my money like the cheap phone cases really were. That’s when I came across the coolest phone cases I’ve ever seen made in a vintage shop located in Norfolk, Virginia called With Lavender and Lace! The shop is owned and run by the talented Kelsie McNair and her phone cases are hand decorated and each case is unique. 

I purchased my case a few months ago from the online store and received it less than a week after ordering it! After having the case on for a few months, and of course, taking pretty good care of it, the case is still in perfect condition and looks exactly how it looked when I first recieved it. This of course is instantly a sign that my money was well spent! Of course, after buying one case, I’m hooked. I always go back to the online store to see what’s new (there are ALWAYS new case designs) and of course I want ALL of them! 

If you’re looking for a case and you want something unique, good quality and long lasting, With Lavender and Lace Cases are definitely your best bet! And if you live in the Norfolk area, lucky you! You should check out the shop in person! To see more with lavender and lace and learn more about the owner, click the following links: tumblr, instagram, the shop, her personal blog, pinterest, facebook, twitter and vine

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I hope you all enjoyed this post and get a chance to check out and maybe purchase one of these awesome cases! Have an amazing sunday everyone and a great week! 


*I am in no way sponsored by With Lavender and Lace. These are my genuine opinions and recommendations. 

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