MUMA Health’s Raw Core Love

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Whatever Wednesday
Hello Beautiful People!

Recently I had the chance to try Muma Health’s RAW CORE LOVE! Raw Core Love is a “natural, gluten free, vegan friendly, neutral flavoured seed & grain condiment” that helps boost fibre and omega 3 intake

The day I got my Raw Core Love in the mail, I immediately wanted to sprinkle it on everything. So, when dinner came around, that’s exactly what I did! For dinner I had half an avocado and a green smoothie (this was mostly to have something a little more refreshing than my usual university dinners and also because I had food poisoning the night before, I thought something detoxing would be my best bet for a smooth recovery!)

So, I opened up my Raw Core Love and put a sprinkle on top of my avocado, inside the blender, and then on top of my smoothie once it was poured in a glass. I found that Raw Core Love added a significant amount of texture (good texture of course) to my avocado and my smoothie. I’m used to putting salt and pepper on my avocado to add a little bit of taste and texture but this was definitely a healthier choice and even better tasting than salt and pepper. Typically I will put chia seeds in my smoothie but I decided to put Raw Core Love instead and I loved it even more than with just the chia seeds (taste and texture wise because there’s more than just chia seeds).

I would 100% recommend Muma Health products and especially Raw Core Love to anyone who wants to not only add something a little extra (and healthy) to their meals, but also someone who is looking for a delicious way to add fibre and omega 3 into their meals!

What’s inside of the Raw Core Love mixture? Chia Seed, Quinoa Flakes, Sunflower Meal, Psyllium Husk, Linseed Meal, Poppy Seed and Millet Meal

Muma Health ships internationally from Australia and gives great deals for all their products! To get 10% off your purchase of Raw Core Love, use the discount code “ALIGRACE” at the checkout!

What did I put inside my delicious green smoothie? 
1 1/2 Cups Plant Milk
1/2 Frozen Banana
1/2 or 1/4 Avocado
2-3 Handfuls of Spinach (or more if you’d like!)
3-5 Inches Cucumber
A Whole Green Apple
Tsp Honey
Tbsp Raw Core Love
(Optional: Lots of Ice)


xo Ali Grace

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