Ways to Stop Procrastinating

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Hello Beautiful People!

I’m writing this post not only to help anyone else who needs help with overcoming the horrible thing that is procrastination, but because I myself have a huge problem with procrastinating. In fact, at this very moment, I should be working on my readings or my essay outline, but instead I’m writing this post about procrastination.

Obviously there’s no magical solution to help you become the most motivated worker in no time, but there are a lot of things you can do and work on to make sure you begin to use your time wisely.

Write Everything Down and Create Deadlines for Yourself
I find that if I don’t have my homework written out in an agenda or on a whiteboard in my room, I don’t feel as obligated to do it. So, make sure you write down everything you have to do in a planner and even better, on a chalkboard or whiteboard where you’re able to see it often. This will somewhat put more “pressure” on you to do what you need to do. Another great thing to do is create deadlines for yourself (ex. read pages 75-100 in this textbook by this date and time). You don’t want to push everything until the very last deadline, so make sure you have a few deadlines for your assignments so you’re not rushing to finish it for the very last deadline.

Change your Work Environment Often
Doing work in the same place every single day is just asking to get distracted. Change your work environment as often as you can (ex. one day at the library, one day in your room, one day in a classroom, one day at your friends house). This will help you to focus more.

Makes Goals and Stick with Them
If you make goals at the beginning of the year, you’re likely to have more motivation to do all your work. Whether it be the amount of reading you do a week, overall grades or going on an exchange and needing a certain grade, goals are a great way to make you want to do your work and do it well.

Reward yourself for Sticking to the Plan
This may sound kind of dumb, but it really does work. I watch a lot of youtube and netflix, and so I like to tell myself that once I finish a particular reading or part of an assignment, I’ll watch one youtube video or one episode of something. Of course, netflix is like a bag of chips and once you start, it’s hard to stop. However, if you see that one episode or youtube video (or whatever else you’d rather be doing than homework) as a reward, you’ll find you feel more motivated to do your work and finish it. This also gives you a break from working which is something you should do anyways every couple hours.

Remind Yourself Why You’re doing what You’re Doing
Sometimes it’s good to give yourself a reminder of why you’re doing what you’re doing. I do readings, essays, tests, exams and much more so I can reach my overall goal of getting my degree. Sometimes it’s motivation in itself to just remember that you’re doing all the work you’re doing for a very good reason.

Be Positive about It
I know sometimes it’s difficult to be extremely positive about work, especially when it’s more difficult than usual. But don’t over complicate things. Take your time, tell yourself you can do it and you’ll absolutely be able to do it. Nothing (especially school work) is impossible and you got to where you are somehow!

One Task at a Time
Stick to one task at a time and don’t overwhelm yourself. Don’t even think about the next task until you’ve finished the first one and this will make you feel less stressed out and help you accomplish each task.

I hope some of these tips helped, they may not be the best polished tips, but I’m in the same shoes as you trying to figure out how to stop myself from procrastinating all the time. So lets think of this little list as a rough draft of ways to stop procrastinating and we’ll see if they work! Let me know if you have any procrastination tips!

xo ali grace
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