Simple DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

Makeup Monday
Hello Beautiful People!

Cleaning your makeup brushes is extremely important and definitely something I don’t do as often as I should. Makeup brush cleaning products can work well but be extremely expensive, and when you go to buy the cheaper ones, they don’t work well at all. So why not use products that will likely already be laying around your house to clean your brushes really well?

You will need two main things: olive oil and dish soap.

Simple Steps

1. Take a small size plate and put a good amount of dish soap and an olive oil (preferably a little less olive oil than dish soap)

2. Wet your makeup brush and swirl it around on the plate

3. Place the brush under lukewarm water and work your fingers through the brush (you’ll see all the old pigments fall out of the brush and the colour completely clear off)

4. Place the brush on an old dish towel and repeat this with the rest of your brushes

5. Give all the brushes one more rinse through to make sure all the soap and oil is out

6. Place the brushes on a dish towel to dry overnight (they may take a day and a half to completely dry)

and you’re done! This is a simple and cheap alternative to buying expensive products to wash your makeup brushes. It works and will completely disinfect your brushes for the next time you use them!


xo Ali Grace
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