Introducing: The Blogging Schedule

Whatever Wednesday
Hello Beautiful People!

Although one of my favourite parts of blogging is that I can post whenever I want and I don’t have to be on any schedule. However, the idea of posting whenever I want isn’t really working out for me, and lately I’ve only been posting a few times a month. I’d like to try something out and it’s not guaranteed to work out completely, but it will help me to keep up to date with my blog and share new things and ideas with all of you and it will still keep to the idea of my blog being a blog about anything and everything.

Introducing the new schedule:

Makeup Monday //
On Mondays i’ll post anything and everything about makeup, products, skincare, makeup looks, etc.

Whatever Wednesday //
On Wednesdays i’ll post whatever I want! More personal posts, photos, stories…anything!

Fashion Friday //
On Fridays I’ll beΒ putting up fashion and style related posts!

SunDIY //
On Sundays I’ll post simple DIYs and How To’s!

Although this will keep me busy, it will give my blog more of a expected schedule (hopefully starting this coming Monday) ! I hope you all like the idea!

Xo Ali Grace
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