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Hello Beautiful People and Happy (late) sunDIY!

I often get the question: “how do you start a blog?” and today I thought I’d make a post answering that question for those who have asked and for those who just want to know. Starting a blog can be somewhat intimidating at first, “whose going to read it?”, “what will people think?”, “what if I’m not even good at writing?”, and so on and so on. But the biggest part of starting a blog is telling yourself that none of that matters. If blogging is something you think you’d enjoy doing, give it a try! It’s a fun hobby to have and you can learn a lot about the blogging world, meet new people and maybe even make a career out of it one day if you really want. In this post I have laid out a few steps to starting a blog and I hope they are helpful!


1. Choose a Blogging Website
Obviously the first step to blogging is choosing a website to create your blog on. There are plenty of websites that allow you to create a blog for free! Some examples are: word press, blogger, square space, tumblr and weebly. I personally use WordPress. Prior to blogging, I read a lot of different blogs and I knew a lot of them were created on word press, which made my choice easy. Although I didn’t think much of my choice at first, I’m really glad I chose word press. It’s simple to use, has some great themes, and it’s free! However, if you want to purchase themes, domain names, etc. it’s also fairly priced!

2. Choose a Name for your Blog
The next step, is to chose a name for your blog. Choose something catchy, easy to remember and easy to pronounce. Something that is simple and catchy will make it easy for people to remember the name of your blog and will also make people more attracted to your blog in the first place. Be creative about it! And remember if you really end up not liking the name, you can always change it. I came up with my name because I love writing, so I wanted the name to be like a letter, hence the “Dear” and Ali is my first name, Grace my middle name! It’s simple and easy to remember.

3. Choose a Theme for your Blog
The next step is to choose a theme for your blog. Themes are readily available on the blogging website that you choose and there are many awesome free themes! Choose something aesthetically pleasing; neat and simple, easy to navigate around. If your blog is not neat, people will feel “claustrophobic” on it and will have trouble navigating their way around the website. I personally paid $18 for the theme I have because it was exactly what I was looking for while I was trying to design the website. However, when I first started my blog, I tried out different free themes to see what I liked best!

4. Chose a Focus for your Blog
The next step, which you may have already done before you even started the blog or while choosing your name, is to choose a focus for your blog. My blog has three main focuses, beauty, fashion and lifestyle…which is pretty broad, but it is what I preferred to I had more to talk about! Others may choose to write blogs about baking or cooking, health, DIY and Crafts, Sports, Current Events, Music, etc. the choices are endless and you don’t have to choose just one if you don’t want! Choose something you enjoy talking about, learning about and sharing with other people because that’s what makes blogging fun.

5. Create Social Media for your Blog
When I first started blogging, I was really nervous about sharing it on social media. But then I was like…who cares, this is something I enjoy doing and I want to share what I created with others! So, I created a blog lovin’ and a Facebook Page for my blog. I also share links to my new blog posts on twitter and instagram! However, it’s also great if you want to create an instagram, twitter, facebook, bloglovin, etc specifically for your blog!

6. Write your First Blog Post
Now is time to write your first blog post! Explain to people who you are, why you’re blogging and what you’ll be sharing with them on your blog! This will automatically make people with the same interests come back to your blog as you continue to share and further create your blog! Also remember to share your links to your blog posts on social media to get the word out about your blog!

7. Never Stop Learning!
You won’t end up with the blog you imaged when you first begin. There’s a lot of learning involved in blogging and you’ll continue to learn more as you go on. Talk to other bloggers, learn from them. Play around with the various settings on your blogging website! When I first started blogging I was using my IPhone to take photos and a free theme to share them. As I became more serious about blogging and learned a lot from the blogging community, I upgraded my blog a little by paying for a theme, buying a domain name so I could be (.com) and getting a good camera. I’m not saying you need to upgrade in order to grow your blog, but you will learn what works for you and make decisions about your blog as you go on! No matter what, you and your blog will end up growing.

8. Stay Organized
When I first started blogging I was excited to I was blogging almost every single day. However, as time went on I started slipping and wasn’t blogging as much. Once I decided to create an actual schedule for my blog, I became more serious about blogging. Stay organized by coming up with your own schedule. It doesn’t need to be strict, you can post once a week, once a month, whatever you want! But if you have a schedule, you’ll be more likely to stick with it! It’s a great idea to keep a planner or agenda to keep up with your blog. I have a great planner, specifically for my blog that I got from this etsy shop that I use to stay organized each with!

I hope this post was helpful for those who are interested in starting a blog or those interested in finding out what goes into starting a blog! Have an amazing week everyone and i’ll see you tomorrow for Whatever Wednesday!

Ali Grace xo
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