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Whatever Wednesday

Hello Beautiful People!

First I wanted to point out that I’m in the middle of exams at the moment and so I’ve written most of my blog posts ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about them and can study, hence the fact that most of the dates on my blog posts are the same day. Anyways, moving on. Today I thought I’d do a review on two different teas from the tea company Your Tea! First I’ll do a quick overview on shipping, price and quality. Then, I’ll individually review the Your Tea: Tiny Tea Detox and the Your Tea: Hangover Tea!


The your tea products ship extremely fast, within 2-4 business days and they typically ship on the same day you order your product, which is pretty amazing. Their shipping is also extremely reliable, both my packages came quickly and in good condition. They ship to Canada, the US, Australia, the UK, Africa, Asia, Europe and New Zealand. The cost of shipping is pretty cheap and they do free shipping over $80.

Cost of Products

Their tea is extremely well priced. Their detox’s are a little more expensive than their mood teas, which are all $25, then their body teas are all around $35 and the 14 day detox, $35 and the 28 day detox $55. Now, you may be thinking: “that’s a lot of money for tea!!!!”. And while you may have a good point, you get a LOT of tea for your money. My 14 day detox came with 42 tea bags and my hangover tea came with 40 tea bags, both sorted in lovely boxes! Therefore, I find the price to be justified based on the amount you get and the quality.

The 14 Day Tiny Tea Teatox



The Your Tea Tiny Tea Teatox is meant to help with many different things in relation to the body. This includes bloating, indigestion, problematic skin, cellulite, increased energy, and reduction of excess weight. I chose to do the 14 day teatox over the 28 day tea for a couple reasons, the main one being the price difference. I was trying it out so I didn’t see any point in doing the 28 day one incase the detox made me feel sick in anyway.

This isn’t a crazy detox where you can’t eat anything. You drink the tea three times a day, for fourteen days, half an hour before a meal, which can be difficult if you’re always on the run. In order to get my three teas in a day, I used a to go cup whenever I was drinking it, incase I had to go to school.

For the first few days of the teatox, I didn’t really notice much of a difference in terms of bloating or increased energy. However, after about four days, I really started to notice the increase in energy and decrease of bloating, which was a really great feeling because at this particular time I was having a lot of problems with bloating and decreased energy.

I never felt sick while doing the detox, which was something I expected to feel. I only really noticed positive differences throughout the 14 days. I felt more motivated to wake up, workout, do some yoga and eat healthier. I don’t think it’s possible to truly “detox” your body, however, I felt like this product aided in some of the problems I was dealing with at the time, like I said before, bloating, decreased energy, etc. In terms of the taste of the tea, it just tastes like green tea and it’s good with a tiny bit of raw honey!

The Verdict: I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is having any problems with bloating, indigestion, problematic skin, and decreased energy. The only semi-negative thing I have to say about this product is that you should not get your hopes up about the weight loss it says may occur unless you eat healthy and exercise during and continue to after the detox.

The Hangover Tea


I’m not going to lie, this tea may be a life saver/miracle of some sort. Although I don’t deal with terrible hangovers the day after drinking (which this post may sound like I do a lot, but I really don’t), I still don’t feel like myself and sometimes need a little boost to even get out of bed the next morning. This tea helps alleviate headaches, cool your body, calm digestion and balance the body internally. As said on the your tea website, the tea contains different unique Chinese herbs (The Flower of Kidzu Vine, Trifoliate Orange, Wild Mountain Tea, Pu Gong Yin, Chamomile) that are meant to help you feel better.

I drink one or two cups of this tea the day after drinking and then a few days following to make sure I feel in tip top shape. I gave this tea to a couple of my friends after a night out (this being their first time using it) and they agreed with me that it makes you feel a lot better. After drinking it I feel a bit more awake, my headache is none existent and my body just feels a lot more balanced (nothing worse than shaky insides, amirite?).

Although the tea is meant for hangovers, I’ve also drank it when I feel a little bit off. Whether it be a headache, stomach ache, nausea or dehydration. I find it really helps in these cases too. I really like the fact that it works to make you feel better without having to take any medicine to feel better. In terms of the taste of this tea, it tastes kind of like a mix of camomile and green tea and also tastes great with a bit of raw honey!

The Verdict: I recommend this to anyone who wants to feel a little bit better after a night of drinking or just want to feel better on an off day. It’s a great alternative to taking that Tylenol or Nausea Medicine.

To get 15% off of your Your Tea purchase, use the coupon code: 15OFF

I think your tea is a really great company with a lot of different product options to try! I’m looking forward to trying and reviewing more of their teas, especially their mood teas! Let me know if you’re interested in trying one of the your tea products or if you have before! Have an amazing rest of the week everyone!

Ali Grace xo
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