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Fashion Friday
Hello Beautiful People!

Have you ever ordered something online and when you received it, it was nothing at all like you expected? It can be difficult to find your perfect size while online shopping because you obviously can’t try on every item of clothing you’re interested in. However, recently, I was approached by the online clothing company to go to their website, find one item I would like to try and have it custom fit to me. This guaranteed that when my item got to me, the measurements were exact! This allows you to spend your money wisely and guarantee you get exactly what you expected!

When I received the shirt, it was perfect! I’m actually not sure I’ve ever found a shirt that fit me so well in my life. Then again, I’ve never had anything custom made for me! Although the website falls a little bit on the pricey side, getting exactly what you want using your measurements is worth paying a little extra.

As far as the shipping goes, this shirt came super fast! I was actually almost surprised that it came within 3-5 business days and was nicely packaged, the shirt sent in good condition. And by good condition, I just mean nothing was wrong with it at all. I’m not sure about you guys, but there have been many times that I order things online and there are tears, rips, holes, loose threats, etc on the clothing items, which is definitely not acceptable if you paid full price for the item.

Overall, I would 100% recommend this site for anyone looking to make online shopping/fitting a lot easier! They have a wide variety of clothing available but for the most part the clothing seems to be ‘boho’ inspired.

Ali Grace xo

*This post was Sponsored by EShakti. Although I did not pay for the product myself, the opinions on the clothing item as well as the website are totally my own*

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