LORAC Unzipped Palette Review

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Makeup Monday
Hello Beautiful People!

Happy Makeup Monday! It’s almost 2015 and as I was thinking about the year and my next term school schedule, which actually has 9 more hours of class than last term, I decided to get rid of SunDIY from my weekly blogging schedule. The free weekend allows me to prepare for my blogposts throughout the week and SunDIY felt a little bit…well…in the way. It’s also nice having weekends completely free sometimes, amirite?

A few weeks ago I was visiting my parents in the states and decided to pick up a few (okay…maybe a few too many) makeup products that I can’t actually buy or are more difficult to find in Canada! Meaning…I made my parents drive me to CVS, Walgreens, Target and Ulta just so I could look for some of these products. I was happy to find some ELF, NYX and Milani products at the drugstore, but my favourite part was finding all the Lorac products in Ulta! It’s so expensive to ship any of the products to Canada from amazon.com so I was happy to pick up one of the palettes whilst I was there!


I decided to pick up the Lorac Unzipped Palette which is a eyeshadow palette with both shimmer and matte eyeshadows. I’m personally a huge fan of a palette being a mix of both matte and shimmery eyeshadows, hence my love for all the naked palettes! I was actually leaning my towards the lorac pro palette before I went to Ulta, but instead I decided the Unzipped Palette was better for me for everyday wear. The palette consists of ten different eyeshadows; five shimmer and five matte, all beautiful. It also comes with a mini ‘Behind the Scenes Eyeshadow Primer’, which for a mini, is an excellent size which will more than likely last you a while. The Palette was $40USD (around $46CAN). The packaging for this palette is definitely great. It’s very lightweight and sleek which makes it easy to bring around with everyday and travel with. I find that this alone makes the price worth it because it’s very hard to find palettes that are truly made for travelling (the naked 2 and 3 palettes can be more difficult to travel with because the shadows pop out easily and they’re not as lightweight). The mirror is also a great size and good quality (not some fun house looking mirror). Although I don’t personally use the mirror on a palette, it’s an advantage to those who do!


I thought I’d quickly touch on the mini primer that came with the palette because it was actually the first thing I used from the palette when I was trying it out for the first time. My go to eyeshadow primer is typically my Sonia Kashuk Extreme Wear Eye Primer because it’s available at my target, lasts an extremely long time and is great quality for the price. However, if you’re willing to splurge on a primer, this should be it. You only need to use a tiny dot on both eyes, spread the product and let it try for about 20 seconds before applying your eyeshadow and it helps your eyeshadow to stay on all day and also helps with any creasing.


The quality of the eyeshadows in this palette are AMAZING. I repeat AMAZING. And dare I say…almost a little bit better than most high quality palettes I’ve tried that are actually more expensive. The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and show up on your eyes just as you see them in the palette. The consistency of the eyeshadows is also amazing. I hate using this term…but for a lack of a better word, they have an extremely ‘buttery’ or soft feeling to them. As expected, some of the light colours found on the left side of the palette (Undercover, Undiscovered, Unreal) take a little more application to be seen extremely well on your eyes (unless you like the look of a bit of shimmer), but the darker shades of the palette almost need a light hand application because they’re so pigmented.


Yes! I 100% recommend this palette to anyone and everyone who is looking for a simple nude eyeshadow palette that is reasonably priced for the amazing quality. If you’re a fan of both shimmer and matte eyeshadows, then I’d go with this palette, and if not, maybe it’s not for you (or maybe it is…just give it a try!). Although the PRO palettes from LORAC are extremely well known, this one is worth a try as well!  ALSO… sorry for the horrible swatches in this post…I’m still trying to get the hang of doing them and it’s not going so well.



That’s all for this Makeup Monday post! I hope it was a helpful review and some of you try out the palette! If you already own this palette, let me know what you think of it! Have an amazing week everyone and see you all on Whatever Wednesday!

Ali Grace xo
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