Ways to Stick to New Years Resolutions

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Hello Beautiful People!

2014 is coming to an end…which is crazy to think about because it flew by incredibly fast! With 2015 just around the corner, I’m sure a lot of you are making your yearly new years resolutions lists. Although I think it’s great to have goals and things you want to change, I also believe that if you have goals and changes you want to make in mind, start now. If you want to make a change, why do you need to wait until January 1st to do so? It kind of makes no sense. I get the idea of a new year being a fresh start, but the sooner you start, the happier you’ll be with yourself and the more likely you’ll be to stick with your goals. However, if you are one to make new years resolutions and you want to begin fulfilling them as soon as the new year begins, I wanted to share a few tips on how to stick to your resolutions!

1. Write Goals Down

Any goals you have should be written down. This way if you’re feeling a little bit lost in terms of your goals, you can look back on the list and see which ones you made. Writing them down also makes your goals a little more ‘legit’. It’s better to write it down and know exactly what you’d like to accomplish than to just think about your goals every so often and try to remember each and every one.

2. Make Realistic Goals

When making your list of goals, make sure to be as realistic about it is possible.Don’t tell yourself that starting on January 1st 2015, you’re going to spend three hours a day at the gym every single day if you don’t even go to the gym or exercise once a week. Instead, you need to work up to your goals and start off slowly and as I said, realistically. Don’t be too overambitious because this is what will likely cause you to not reach your goals.

3. Less General and More Specific Goals with a Plan

Make your goals less general and more specific. In a certain class, you want this specific grade and this is exactly how you’re going to accomplish it. Make a plan for yourself. Sure, you have these goals in mind, but how exactly are you going to accomplish them? This is really where the two tips above and this tip come together. Write down your goals and be realistic about what you want to accomplish, maybe stick to 3-5 goals in particular that you’d like to fulfill, then make a plan. How you’re going to accomplish the goal and stick to it is just as important as making a list of realistic goals you want to accomplish. You don’t just want to ‘go to the gym more’, you want to ‘go to a specific gym, 3 times a week (on specific days), for two hours at a time’. Making plans will help you stick to your different goals.

4. You Need to Work

In order for your goals to be accomplished, you need to realize that you’ll have to work for an end result. Nothing is going to be handed to you on a silver platter and even the smallest goal needs to be worked for. If you’re not working your hardest at whatever you want to change and nothing is happening, don’t give up. Try harder. I know this is a little “motivational speech” sounding, but it’s true! You need to work at your goals and work for your accomplishments and at the end of the day (or year) you’ll feel really good about it.


A lot of my new years resolutions this year have to do with my work habits at school (and with report cards recently coming out, I wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t the only one with these goals). Make goals that you know you’ll be happy about accomplishing in the end, whether the goal be small or large, every positive change in your life counts and will make your year a lot better!

This year has involved a lot of growing for me and a whole lot of change. Living in my first house, buying my own groceries, making my own schedules, etc. Although I wouldn’t say I had a horrible year, I have high hopes for my goals and accomplishments in the future thanks to everything that happened in 2014. But this year has also been a lot of excitement for me as well. I’ve made new friends and had tons of fun, I figured out the direction I’d like to go with career wise more so than I had last school year, I started my blog, I got the chance to interview many amazing bloggers and share those interviews with all of you, and I got to collaborate with some really amazing companies and brands and I’m seriously thankful for all the positive things that 2014 brought for me.

I thank you all so much for reading my blog for almost a year now and I hope to grow and expand on here as the year goes on. It’s definitely been a great outlet for me and a small escape from school work when I need it.

Have an amazing new years everyone and I guess I’ll be seeing all of you in 2015!

Ali Grace xo
The best is yet to come…
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