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Whatever Wednesday
Hello Beautiful People!

Happy Wednesday! Last weekend I thought it was finally time to try a few raw, organic cold-pressed juices from a company based in Toronto called Greenhouse Juice Company that I had heard only good things about! Since I’ve now finished all the juices, I thought I could review the company in general and also the juices I bought!



Something really special about this company besides the fact that they’re fully organic, is the fact that they will deliver to you if you are within their delivery area (which may I add, is a pretty large area). You choose your juices, pay for them online and then choose a delivery time and date! You can have them delivered to you the next day or weeks for the time you order! They deliver the juices in the box I have photographed in this post, with multiple ice packs to keep the juices nice and cold!

Most of the juices have a shelf life of three days and some others 5-7 days. But you’re going to want to drink them while they’re fresh anyways! I drank one a day for five days and I have to say that incorporating even one juice into my day gave me more energy and just made me feel better in general! I was by no means trying to do a “cleanse”, I just wanted to see if the juices would give me more energy and make me feel a bit better throughout the day!

Clean-Zing: Alkaline Water, Lemon, Maple Syrup, Liquid Cayenne

The company actually sells waters and milks as well as juices. Other waters include aloe, coconut and chia seed, but I decided to try the clean-zing water! I also got two of these. These were AMAZING. Refreshing with a unique taste which I actually think a lot of people would enjoy. At first you taste a lot of lemon but then there is a little “zing” of cayenne! Not only would this water be great for everyday consumption, but I also think it would be great if you were sick (maybe a sore throat) because of the Cayenne, it definitely makes your throat feel a little better.

Harlequin: Coconut Water, Romaine, Spinach, Lime

This juice had your typical “green juice” taste. I definitely tasted a lot of the romaine. As far as green juices go however, this is probably one of the best I’ve tried. I really like the fact that there is no other fruit except lime and how smooth the actual juice is. In the past, I’ve tried juices that are extremely pulpy and this is definitely not one of them! I recommend this for everyday consumption. It’s definitely energizing and also filling. I drank this for lunch with some veggies and I was definitely full after!

Rabbit, Run: Apple, Carrot, Ginger

This was definitely my favourite juice (although it may just be because I’m a huge fan of anything with ginger in it). I had this with my breakfast and it tasted great! Also a very smooth juice. One recommendation for this one is to have it extra cold. I found it got warm really fast and didn’t taste as great.

Wake Up: Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Liquid Cayenne

I don’t think I can say enough about this juice… It is AMAZING to have in the morning! It’s 10 steps up from regular orange juice. It tastes extremely fresh and definitely “wakes you up” as the name of the juice says. If I were to ever order these juices again and I could only choose one, this would be it! It’s different from any juice I’ve ever tasted.

Would I recommend these juices?

I would 100% recommend these juices to anyone who is willing to splurge! Finding real raw, cold pressed organic juices can be more difficult than you’d think and this is definitely one of the best brands I’ve tried. The downside of course, the price. It is fairly expensive and for me as a student, something I will definitely not be getting often (it’s more of a treat). However, if juices are something important to you and you’re every day routine or you just want to stop by the store once (because you don’t necessarily have to order online), I recommend Greenhouse Juice Company!

I hope you all enjoyed this little review! I’m sorry for those who do not live in the Toronto region, but I’m sure there are many similar juice companies you could find in your area if you want to, you just have to do a little research! Have an amazing week everyone and I hope to be back on my regular schedule as soon as I can (once my camera starts cooperating).

Ali Grace xo
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