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Hello Beautiful People!

I’ve been feeling down lately due to my camera not working again! The camera not working has thrown a lot of my blog posts ideas out the window and I’ve been feeling a little stuck on what to write. Since the last post I did was how to maintain healthy hair, I thought I would do a post on how to make your skin healthy as well! I mean, this post isn’t going to guarantee the clearest skin on earth and that you’re never going to get blemishes ever again, but the tips will help to make your skin healthy and more glowy than usual if you stick to a routine!



Over the past year I haven’t had many problems with my skin and I feel like the #1 reason is because I’ve managed to stick to a routine. I ALWAYS wash my face morning and night. This may be too much for some people and it’s actually better to only wash your face once a day (usually at night because of makeup and dirt build up), but I feel as if it’s personal preference. Make sure to have a routine using the same products once or twice daily and NEVER forget to wash your face. Even on late nights where all I want to do is sleep, I still make sure to wash my face. And washing your face in the morning can actually help to wake you up!


Your diet has such a huge impact on your overall health. Most people may think that your diet only affects your weight, but it affects your entire body. Your skin can truly reflect the kind of diet you have. If you’re eating a lot of greasy foods, you’re skin may be more greasy and you may have more trouble controlling blemishes. By eating nutrient rich foods, your skin will glow. If you aren’t a huge fan of eating fruits and veggies a few times a day, try getting your nutrients in in different ways such as juices or smoothies, which are always awesome!


Drinking tons of water is also a huge factor in overall health (haven’t you heard? we kind of need it to live). Drinking lots of water can especially be helpful in clearing up your skin and giving you that overall glow. Here’s a tip if you find that you’re not able to drink enough water a day: First, when you’re out and about, always carry a refillable water bottle with you (I bring one to school every single day and refill it as the day goes on! If I don’t, I find myself with a headache by the end of the day from dehydration). Second, try buying a one litre glass and filling it up with water and using a straw. When you’re sitting at your desk working, you’ll find yourself drinking tons of water without even noticing (If we’re being completely honest here, I cleaned out a pickle jar completely and use that every single day for water and I also use reusable stainless steel straws!)


Not only will working out keep your skin healthy (and your entire body) but sweating will also be a huge factor in your skin health! Sweating is natural and extremely beneficial to you. In terms of your skin, it can help open up and unclog your pores!


Investing in a good face wash, toner and moisturizer is SO important and can be beneficial in the long run. If you’d like to see the skin products I use, click here. First off, check the label for a few things when buying your products. Is the product actually right for your skin? (combination, dry, oily, acne prone) What are the ingredients in the product? Going natural is your best bet. Putting harsh chemicals on your face just to clean it is completely unnecessary for most people. As far as toners go, most natural ones will be alcohol free, which will be especially beneficial to those with sensitive skin.


If you’re the type of person who gets oily skin in the summer and dry skin in the winter, try switching up the products you use with the seasons! I use a heavier moisturizer at night in the winter because my skin gets extremely dry.


You need to protect your skin every single day! Even when it’s not sunny out, you should be using some type of sunscreen. If you don’t want to apply sunscreen every single day in the colder seasons, try a moisturizer or foundation that already has sunscreen in it.


This may be weird…but I used to ALWAYS touch my face and this would cause a lot of break outs. Not I hardly ever touch my face and I try to be very aware of it. Think of where your hands of been all day (even if you’ve washed them a lot), you don’t really want your hands touching your face that were just touching the hand rail or the door knob. Also, make sure you wash your pillow cases often that you sleep on every night!


When you don’t feel like you need to be wearing makeup or you’re just sitting around the house, don’t put any on! Although makeup is one of my favourite things, I don’t wear any on days when I’m not even leaving the house or going somewhere for more than a few hours. Some days your skin just needs to breathe. If you’re having major problems with your skin and you don’t mind not wearing makeup, try not wearing any while following these other steps and see if your skin clears up at all! It’s all your choice though!


Be as gentle as you can with your skin. Using an exfoliant and a wash cloth on your face every single day can be harsh and leave your skin more sensitive. Try washing your face when you shower and just getting the face wash off with the shower water (no wash cloth or anything). Also make sure you’re using gentle products, not any that have really harsh chemicals or alcohol in them.


Stress can be a huge trigger for blemishes. Although you may not be able to completely avoid stress, there are lots of things that you can do to de-stress! Try going for walks, doing yoga, eating healthier, working out, taking a night for yourself at least once a week, make your own face mask, read, knit, have a little wine, go for a hike or a bike ride, etc! There are tons of things you can do, so do something that makes you happy and helps you de-stress and you’ll see the results in your health.

I hope this post was helpful to those of you who are looking to have the healthiest skin around! I apologize for my lack of posts lately, but I hope to get back into the blogging world and with my schedule some point soon! See you all next time!

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  1. I used to eat lots of junk food. But then i switched to green stuff and lots of fruits. I have not only reduced my weight but my skin ..!!! It looks gorgeous ❤

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