A Healthy Smoothie Bowl Recipe!

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Hello Beautiful People!

First I’d like to point two things out: yes, I’m so off schedule with my blog it’s not even funny and yes, two smoothie recipes in a row. But this isn’t just ANY smoothie. This is a smoothie…in a bowl. Smoothie bowls can really be made with any ingredients and then topped off with any ingredients you want, but this is how I do it! One thing you do want for this recipe that may be different from other smoothies you make, is a thicker consistency (like ice cream but better for you). It’s easiest to get this thick consistency with all frozen fruit and less liquid!

• 1-2 Cups of Almond Milk
• Handful of Baby Spinach
• 2 TBSP of Hemp Protein Powder
• Handful of Frozen Blueberries
• Handful of Frozen Raspberries
• 1/2 or 1 Frozen Banana
• TBSP of Chia Seeds
• 1-2 Tablespoon of Granola (mines organic cinnamon coconut!)
• Any Fruits you want!

1. First Blend the almond milk (start off with one cup, you can adjust this later according to how well your fruits are blending), hemp protein powder and spinach. These things are more difficult to blend and so it’s nice to already have it done before you put in other ingredients.

2. Then put in all your friends and blend!

3. Pour smoothie into a bowl!

4. Top your smoothie bowl with anything you’d like! (suggestions: berries, chia seeds, granola, organic but butter, nuts, seeds, raw cacao nibs)

It’s as simple as that! Enjoy!
Ali Grace
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