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Hey Everyone!

Today I thought I’d really quickly talk about something that’s personal to me, but I’m also sure almost every person can relate to it in some way at some time in their life. Today I wanted to talk about being yourself, and not comparing yourself to others, or inspiring to live the same life as anyone else. I often compare myself to those around me and sometimes wonder why I can’t be doing the same types of things they’re doing (travelling, having a cool job, etc.)

I think comparing yourself to others can occur in a multitude of situations. At home you may compare yourself to your loved ones, siblings, partner, and so on. At school you might compare yourself to your classmates. At work you may compare yourself to your coworkers. Social media is a place where you may find yourself entrenched in the lives of others, but not everything on social media is what it seems (to read more about this topic, you should check out my beautiful friend Ellie from the blog She’s Gone Lala’s post HERE). And sometimes you may even compare the way you look to how other people look, something that has unfortunately become extremely common. Although this comparison is difficult to control at times, it’s an unhealthy way to live.

I think it’s extremely important that no matter what you’d like to succeed in, the only way you will do it is to focus on yourself and not hold yourself back by focusing on what others are doing. And I don’t mean focus on yourself and only yourself in a completely selfish way; I mean, don’t play the comparison game. Everyone is at a different point in their life, and that’s why it’s truly unfair to yourself to compare your life and your successes to anyone else’s. It’s okay to be happy for others, rather than jealousy of what they have or what they’ve achieved…as long as you remember that your life is a completely different life from theirs.

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Always be yourself. Always aspire to be the best you, you can be. Push yourself. And focus on yourself.

I hope some of you could relate to this post and what I had to say, and take something positive away from it. Have an amazing week everyone (and you keep doin you).

Much Love, Ali

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3 thoughts on “BE YOU”

  1. Yes! An important message we all need to be reminded of. Jealousy is such an easy trap to fall in to… Great post miss! X

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