Tartelette 1 vs. Tartelette 2

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It’s been a while, but I’m back and today I’m going to be reviewing and comparing the first Tartelette palette and the second Tartelette palette!

Not too long ago Tartelette came out with a palette featuring 12 matte shades and not long after that, they came out with a second palette which featured 12 matte and shimmer shades. Although both palettes are obviously beautiful, they’re quite different.




PRICE: $54 Canadian

INITIAL THOUGHTS: After I started using the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette’s, which are full matte, more than any other shimmery palette, I began to move away from buying overly shimmery palettes. For myself, matte eyeshadows are useful for both everyday looks and nighttime looks and therefore are more worth the money to me since they’re multipurpose. Matte shadows also blend incredibly well, giving a more flawless look than most shimmery shadows typically give. When I heard about an all matte Tarte palette coming out, I knew I needed to get my hands on it right away.

THE PALETTE: I do have a lighter skin tone and therefore prefer to stick to lighter eyeshadows just to make sure I’m not wearing anything to heavy looking for the daytime. Lucky for me, this palette has quite a few lighter colour options, with good crease options as well. Most of the shades can be worn on their own as well (hence me hitting pan on the shade caregiver right pretty fast…which I’m sad about). The shadows themselves are pretty chalky in texture. Some people may like this, but for me it tends to lead to a little more fall out than wanted. I would recommend slowly building up the amount of shadow you apply to your eyelids when using this palette, just to make sure there is less fall out. There is also no colour theme for this palette, but more so a variety of colours that can be used for both day and night looks, on every skin tone. I don’t tend to go for palette’s that don’t have a colour theme (like the naked palettes do), but I really like all the shades given here and have used every single one of them quite a few times, even the darker shades since they’re matte and blend super well, meaning if I apply these darker shades lightly I don’t have to have a heavy eye look if I don’t want to.

WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS? Absolutely. Even though the shadow’s themselves are a little chalky for my liking, they’re still really high quality and worth the money. You’re getting shades for both day and night and there really aren’t that many all matte palette’s on the market. I often tell people that if I could only keep one palette at this point, this would be it because of the colour selection and pay off.



PRICE: $54 Canadian

INITIAL THOUGHTS: Since I loved the first tartelette palette so much, I was pretty excited when I heard about a second one coming out. For a while, I couldn’t even find it in Sephora and it was sold out for quite a few weeks after it was finally released. It took me a while to actually purchase this palette because I recognized how similar it was to the Urban Decay Naked 3, which I already owned. But there was something about this palette, as well as the quality of Tarte products which finally made me sell my Naked 3 and replace it with this bad boy.

THE PALETTE: Tarte must have realized that the all matte palette was too chalky, because lucky for me, the texture of these shadows was much better and I instantly noticed the difference between the two as far as the matte shadows went. On the other hand, the shimmery shadows in this palette are exactly the colours of shimmers I would want in a palette and I like how it only includes a couple, this makes it a really good travel accessory. The texture of the shimmery shadows, however, could use a bit of work as I find that you need to go in a few times to actually build up any product (its almost as if they need to be a bit more chalky in this case). As I said before, the colours in this palette are similar to the Urban Decay Naked 3, but the reason I exchanged the two was because this Tartelette included more browns than the Urban Decay did, which I prefer. I also think both the quality of the shadows here is better than the Urban Decay as a lot of the UD Naked 3 shimmer shades had a lot of fall out, which was pretty annoying in the long run when you’re paying almost $60 for some eyeshadow.

WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS? Yes! If you already own the Naked 3 Palette and you love it, I would maybe not buy this since they are so similar and they’re both quite pricey. However, if you’re looking for a more pink based palette and you prefer matte shadows, this is definitely for you and I would highly recommend it.

I hope this review/comparison was helpful! Since the first palette comes with a wider range of shades, if you’re only considering buying one of these, I’d recommend that one first! I use it pretty much every single day and I definitely don’t regret the purchase of either of these palettes!


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