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This past weekend I flew back to Toronto to visit my family. While I was there, I acquired a Fuji x100 Camera. I’ve been looking to buy a camera for a while that’s better quality but not overly expensive since it’s more just for fun.  […]

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TRTOne of the biggest perks of living in Vancouver is being able to easily explore other parts of the west coast. I had about four days off of work and I was pretty keen on doing something before I started school in January. Hence, my 10:00 pm […]


Travel Photos | Florida

Hello Beautiful People! Although this is kind of a random day for me to blog, I wanted to share with all of you some photos from my trip to Florida from a few weeks ago. The morning after finishing my last exam, I got to […]


Travel Photos | British Columbia

Hello Beautiful People! I know, I know. You may be sick of seeing photos from my trip to British Columbia this past summer (I mean…if you follow me on instagram and see my almost daily posts of the trip that are still occuring on my […]

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Update // I’m back

When I arrived home the other day from my trip, I noticed that I hadn’t written a blog post for almost a month, which I didn’t even realize. But, the great thing about blogging is that (at least for me), there are no due dates […]

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